Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buy your very own hipster, only $58

My sister got her very own hipster for Christmas!

Seriously, Vera Bradley makes a kind of purse called a hipster. My sister got one for Christmas.  All night, my brother and I were making hipster jokes.

"She's going to wear it ironically."

"She wore hipsters before it was cool."

"Normal purses are too mainstream."

And things of that nature.  I kind of want my own, just so I can tell people I have my very own personal hipster.  It stays by my side and carries my things for me.

The only problem is, Vera Bradley doesn't offer "vintage" or "ironic" patterns.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Luck of the Jeans

So I have a pair of Lucky brand jeans.  I love them because they're comfy.  However, there is one other reason I love them as well.  They have a sense of humor!

I see you staring at me, whispering to your friends.  "Haha, she thinks her jeans have a sense of humor...know any good mental institutions nearby?"

I swear I'm not crazy, just mildly wacky.  But that's okay.  Weirdness is in direct proportion with awesomeness.

My jeans have a sense of humor.  If you're wearing jeans, look down at your crotch  (this is an awkward command).

You know that little flap of fabric behind the zipper?  Looks like this:

Pretty normal-looking flap of fabric, right?  Nothing particularly noteworthy.  However, my Lucky jeans took it a step further.  Because what's the first thing you see when you unzip the pants?  That fabric flap.  So...

It makes me laugh every time I take off my jeans.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New favorite Greek letter

It used to be pi, because it was cool and you could memorize it and all, but pi ain't got nothin' on phi.

No, not because it is the golden ratio (1.61803399...) or anything.  For something far more exciting than that (at least to me.)

Consider the following:
See that thingy over to the side there?  That's phi.  It's nice and Greek-looking, correct?  Well, it's better than what your first glance may let on...

In physics, we used phi to represent angle measure (for when we have multiple angles and theta is already taken).  So, please note the fantastic things that can be done with phi:
Phi, plus the crappy triangle (I'm not very good with straight lines).
What does this equal?  No, not phi-delta.  It equals....drumroll...
I hope my teacher doesn't mind that I replaced all the phis on my quiz with Deathly Hallow symbols...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The problem with feminism

I'm all for women's rights.  But the hard-core feminists both annoy me and confuse me.  Consider the following:
(yes, you did just say that like the voice from Bill Nye videos, didn't you?)

Girl: I'm making my boyfriend a sandwich!
Feminist: OH MY GOODNESS.  Do you see what you're doing?  You're sending the feminist movement right back into the 1950s!  You're making your boyfriend a sandwich?  Why is it your job?  Can't your boyfriend make himself a sandwich?  Does he have total control over you?  You're a disgrace to the female gender!


Girl: My boyfriend is making me a sandwich!
Feminist: OH MY GOODNESS.  Do you see what you're doing?  You're sending the feminist movement right back into the 1950s!  You're letting your boyfriend make you a sandwich?  Why is it his job?  Can't you make yourself a sandwich?  Does he have total control over you?  You're a disgrace to the female gender!

My friends, do we see a flaw here?  Niceness is has apparently become sexist.  How about, instead of thinking about how horrible making sandwiches for the opposite gender is, we think about solving global problems?

One last thought that I found really cool (It's actually a quote (by that I mean paraphrase) from a Muslim philosopher, how about that?)
"God didn't take Eve from Adam's feet, or his head.  God took her from his rib.  That's because God didn't want Eve to kneel at his feet, or be superior, but for them to stand side by side as equals."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us

I'm a Girl Scout, and the only decent cookies out there are the Caramel deLites/Samoas.
Gasp!  Go ahead, cart me off to Girl Scout prison, where they keep the cookie-dissenters, the refusers-to-wear-the-vest, and the most frightful criminal of all, the Girl-Scout-who-won't-sing-camp-songs.

In all seriousness, I love Girl Scouts.  The cookie sales are a little dubious, that's all.
They make it seem like selling cookies goes like this:
But actually, cookie selling goes more like this:

It's a very difficult trade.  They try to bribe you (If you sell 2400 boxes, you get an iPad) but it's unreasonable to expect anyone with half a life to sell many.  And if you think you're supporting that cute little girl on your stoop when you buy her cookies?  Wrong - more than 80% of the money goes to the council: troops only get 60 cents per box.

Want to actually help Girl Scouts?  Just give a donation.  I know it's hard, but can you resist those delicious, processed, mass-produced cookies?  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's like losing, except more fun.

I have 50,003 words, but my novel isn't quite down yet.  I'll probably need another thousand or so to wrap things up.  But regardless, I WON.

I can write fifty freaking thousand words in a month.  Friends, I do believe I am invincible.
Go ahead, shoot me, the bullet will bounce off because vampires have an extra chromosome and because Edward loves Bella and because I have my 50,000 word novel to use as a shield.

Out of random curiousity, now that I'm on the subject of novels protecting against bullets, how many sheets of paper could stop a bullet from going through?

I suddenly really want to know this.  Google, here I come.

Google is conflicted on the answer.  Apparently depends on type of paper, type of gun, type of bullet, and so on.  I just want to KNOW, Google!  How could you fail me?  *headkeyboard* sdfhnkjKsdhn

Someone, please test this for me and discover the answer.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coloring Books are EVVVIILLLL (not really)

"Evil" spelled backwards is "live" and coloring books are life.

I purchased a coloring book this weekend.  My mind went something in this procession:
I see a shelf of coloring books!
They're 50% off!
I must look for a Harry Potter one.
They don't have any.
Look!  A Lion King coloring book!
Must have!

After all the multiple Black Friday discounts, it cost a grand total of 50 cents.  Ouch.
I don't get how all the store manage to get into the black on this day if all they do is price all their products way lower than usual?

Anyways, I was extremely proud of my coloring book, until I realized I have no crayons.
Then, life was very sad.

We also got our Christmas tree today.  It took forever, due to the discrepancies in opinion between family members.  I had fun comparing trees to math.  "That tree trunk looks like a cubic function.  That one looks like a tan line."

I visited Niagara Falls, and stood on the shoulders of giants (just like Newton!).  Only one giant, Nikola Tesla*.  Then, my mom yelled at me and told me to stop climbing on statues.

*In case you don't know who he is, he's the namesake of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla coils.  Did cool stuff with electricity, including Niagara hydropower.

Over and out, dudes.  Have fun with all that leftover turkey.  (Hint: Turkey pancakes.  Not as bad of an idea as you'd think.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

MIT is surprisingly surprising

Taking classes at MIT is fun, but roaming around campus for a while, exploring?  Even better.

First, my friend and I climbed every abstract/modern art sculpture we could find.  Yeah, there were a lot.

Next, we climbed a wall outside a building and, using the foor-wide edge along the windows, around twenty feet off the ground, walked around the entire building peering into window and freaking out the students.

Yes, Mr. Professor, I was looking in your twenty-foot high office window and watching you on Facebook.

That sounds extremely creepy.  But it was fun when the teachers were facing away from the window, so the students saw us and pointed, and when the teachers turned, we were gone.  Good times to be had.

Next, we tried to find a way onto the roof from one of the inside staircases, but all the doors were locked.  Bummer.

Next, we found a staircase that led into the "secret" tunnel system between buildings, and had good fun poking around.  I kept count, and ended up with 16 doors marked with a sign that read something along the lines of "DANGER: Radioactive materials.  You will likely die if you open this door."

Finally, I'd like the summarize the awesomeness of MIT by simply listing three acapella group names I found on flyers:

  • Logarhythms
  • Chorollaries
  • Asymptones
And, last of all, one completely unrelated image that I felt like sharing:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abundance of Covers

You may or may not know that John Green is holding a design contest for the cover of the newest edition of An Abundance of Katherines.

I've never really tried designing things before, so I tried it out and this is what I came up with.  I was hoping you could all tell me what I can do to make it better.
One concern I had was the background color - I wasn't sure which to choose.  Any ideas?
Also, does the little bit of letters next to his name look weird?  Should I cut them out and just put the name across the whole width of the bottom?
The weird circle is my attempt at one of those annoying watermarks, so people can't steal the cover design.  PEOPLE.  It is illegal to steal this cover!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Solver Extraordinaire: ME

I  now understand why people carry around Rubik's Cubes.  Because when you solve the, you feel so freaking epic you just want to keep doing it forever.

I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube today.

I still need to look at this one long algorithm, but I have all the others memorized, and I just feel awesome.  I can't stop doing it, as though if I'm not sure if it was just chance and I have to do it again to prove I can.

My best time is 3:47, which compared to most people is terrible, but I'm super proud of.  Considering I've known how to do this for about 5 hours.

Imagine what you could do in 3 minutes 47 seconds.  You could brush our teeth.  Write around 125 NaNo words.  If you're Bill Gates, you earn around $5000.  You could get around 300 points in Fruit Ninja, depending how good you are.  You could do your pre-calc homework.
Or you could solve Rubik's Cube.

Well, at least I've crossed this item off my bucket list.

Snippet of my Bucket List

312. Go skydiving
313. Swim with dolphins

314. Solve a Rubik's Cube

315. Watch every Vlogbrothers video

Sorry I have no hand-drawn pictures, but here's an awesome prank related to Rubik's Cubes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I can't run a 5K but I can write 50K. What now?

We lost power for about two days due to snow in freaking October.  Global warming?  What global warming?

My friends and I have this theory called Global Freezing.  The idea is that "global warming" is just a natural heating of the Earth.  But because we are making such a big deal over it, our efforts to cool down the Earth will go overboard and result in another Ice Age.  We will present this theory to America in a book called "A Convenient Truth" and make millions.

In other news, NaNoWriMo started yesterday!  I'm up to about 4000 words so far, due to the convenient truth that school has been canceled for the past three days due to power outages.  A five-day weekend has left me feeling significantly less stressed over homework and tests coming up.  This is good.

I propose a new system of schooling in which, instead of five days on, two days off, we get two days of school, two days off, repeatedly, ignoring what day of the week it is.  Anyone got any suggestions on how to propose this to the superintendent?

I have a fancy brand-new computer.  It's fancy.  However, this means that I have not yet copied all my programs over to this computer.  Which means...sad face...the program I use to illustrate is not available.  So I used some random online thing that I found when I Googled "drawing."

UPDATE:  My life sucks because I somehow deleted the entire first chapter of my novel.  AHHHHHHHH.  I will just keep writing and go back at the end to re-write it, because I don't have time to start at the beginning.  This sucks.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I don't know what "Leibster" means, but it sounds fancy

This is the second post in a row that has been up for a day or two with no title.  I generally title posts after I write them, and now I'm forgetting to go back and title them.  If I forget again, you have permission to virtual-slap me in the comments.

It would appear as though I have been awarded an award, which is a rewarding feeling, and since this award was awarded to me by Gabi who I don't think is creepy. I think I should be awarded another award for the award-winning usage of some form of the word "award" in these few award-winning sentences.

Onto the blog award.  Basically, it means I have to tell you 7 things about me then tag 7 people with under 100 followers.  Let us commence the battle of wits!

*Though not really a battle since, considering I'm the one writing all this anyways, it's a bit biased, but hey, who said it was a fair Battle of Wits?  If it was fair, Westley would not be immune to iocane powder, and where would that leave us?  Being thrown off the Cliffs of Insanity, most likely.

1) I am more than slightly obsessed with The Princess Bride, and if you have not seen/read it, I shall strike you with an ax.

II) I just learned that "ax" is not spelled "axe" even though I always thought it was.  I guess "Axe" is just how they spell the deodorant.

c) Thee may be surprised to learneth that, upon occasion, I may enjoy to speaketh in a style which dost be similar to that of the Olde English.  Tis a most pleasant merriment.

iv) My hair has been dyed pink on and off for the last six months, but I didn't bleach my hair first so you couldn't really see it.

cinq) I can't roll my tongue or touch my nose or have a hitchhiker's thumb or anything cool like that.

6) I know over 100 digits of pi.

G) I refuse to number things in a normal fashion.

AND....drumroll...to the tagging!

Hope I didn't leave anyone out.  If you're reading this and being offended because I forgot to tag you, I apologize and place the blame on my press secretary, my pet rock, Westley.  Any complaints should be sent to him.

Finally, I have to leave you with this picture my friend showed me.  Maybe I'm just slow and everyone's seen it, but I cracked up.  Pretend like you think it's hilarious too so I don't feel bad.
It's "A Dell Rolling in the Deep"!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I forgot to title this. Fail. VELOCIRAPTORS!

My physics teacher is epic.  In addition to making 7th period the most hilarious and memorable ever, showing us amazing things about picking up chairs, his leaky car, and the trick about ripping a tablecloth out from under a dinner setup.

And this quote from yesterday:
"In math, there's a word for two lines that are perpendicular to each other.
[gives us a moment to let us think]
...and that word is 'perpendicular'"

It may sound stupid but it was hilarious.

And I leave you with this picture.  Because I guess today's theme is lines?

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Not Sure Whether to be Honored or Offended

Next week is Spirit Week at school.  Cast your eyes upon the theme for next Tuesday:

I mean, I'm a bit speechless.  My nerd friends and I are certainly honored by this kind of recognition?  I mean, having people dress like us for a full day?  Wow.  Then again, why do we need a special "Nerd Day?"  Every day is Nerd Day in my world!

Should I be honored that our elected student representatives are taking us nerds into account?

Or insulted that everyone will dress weird make a mockery of true nerdom?  Nerdom is not wearing large glasses, knee-high socks and collared shirts, as the sports teams seem to believe.  Umm, you're thinking of hipsters.

The only way to fully dress for Nerd Day is to come to school made of awesome. Which I doubt the majority of my school will be able to do.  Oh, well.  It shall be fun, regardless.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What happens when you put tomatoes in a blender?

You get a smoothie.  Tomatoes are a fruit, and fruit in a blender makes smoothies.

I would display lovely pictures of me attempting to make a tomato smoothie, but a) I don't like tomatoes, b) Our blender is broken, and c) Wouldn't it just be tomato sauce?

This doesn't have anything to do with anything except a way to transition into blathering excuses.  Basically, the reason I haven't posted in a while is sort of like putting tomatoes in a blender.

(Pauses a few seconds to let that sink in.)

My head is a blender.  This year I've thrown a good many more activities, classes, and general things that now my tomatoes are spewing out the top (tomatoes in this analogy is my brain.  The first to go will be my cerebral cortex.  Then the bottom will split open and spill out my cerebellum.  We're studying the brain in AP Psych).

Basically, I have no free time.

Told in a roundabout way involving tomatoes.

This is a picture of my head exploding (I'm not sure why I look so happy.)

Anyways, this is why I won't be posting as regularly as before.  I'm sorry if that makes you cry.

I spent the weekend visiting colleges and riding roller coasters.  Guess which one I liked better?
Then I met a famous clown.
Then I went to a math meet (I did pretty well - 11 out of 18 points!).
Then I got a new John Green book.
Then I made an egg carrier.
Then I procrastinated.

And  that's all folks, unless, in the time it takes me to finish this sentence, I think of something else to say.
...Didn't happen.
Over and out.

I remembered something whilst creating labels.

So in physics, we're doing projectile motion and that kind of thing, with degree launches, which require usage of sin, cos, and tan.  We're investigating the amazing idea that sin/cos = tan (I never knew that.  I mean, it makes total sense, but still).  So one person says, "I get the whole sin/cos thing, but what does this have to do with solving the problem?"  And my physics teacher replies, "I'm sorry, I was going off on a tangent."
We cracked up for about a full minute.
Nerd jokes <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification

Have you ever pulled into the parking spot at Stop&Shop/Price Chopper/Market Basket/Wegman's/Hannaford/Too many to list/Tops/Whole Foods/Many More and found a stray cart occupying your spot?  Or gone for a scenic hike only to notice a shopping cart nesting nearby?  Have you ever wondered how to distinguish between these species to correctly identify each type of cart?

Me neither.

But apparently, someone was so intrigued by shopping carts that they wrote whole book about it.  I'm not kidding.  Check it out.  I read through some reviews and was suitably pleased by the amount of wittiness:

Or, check out the most helpful critical review:

Sometimes I'm glad that the rest of the race is capable of good humor. Check out these other awesome reviews, but this time not found by me and my genius-ness but by some random interweb person.  But since I feel like this whole post is stealing from other people's weird ideas, behold:

Flyergirl13's Field Identification Guide to Stray Shopping Carts

Shoppingcartus caementum-incola
Photo of shoppingcartus caementum-incola in its natural habitat, by a renowned wilderness photographer.
This species of the genus shoppingcartus is most commonly found in parking lots, as it's Latin species name implies.  It's diet consists mostly of old gum, dropped groceries, and the souls of small children whose mothers don't allow them to ride it down the hill in the lot.
This species of cart is very territorial and often will not allow any man-made objects to enter its area, often clearly marked by yellow lines.  They are usually not vicious, but will bite your vehicle if you get too close and provoke it.  Wresting or hand-to-cart combat not recommended.

Shoppingcartus saltus-incola

This species of shopping cart lives in the deciduous forests of Eastern North America.  It's habitat is within the leafy confines of a forest.  There, it scrounges for food, usually berries or nuts.  It will often find another cart nearby and make a nest.  The female is dominant in these relationships, given that she will often know more about wilderness survival.  They are friendly and usually welcome visitors, with no marked territory.

Editor's Note:
At this point in the book, the author took a trip to Ohio to go to an awesome amusement park (Cedar Point.  Been there?  It's fairly amazing.) and will be unable to complete the field guide in its entirety at this time (because I don't feel like spending my time in close proximity to roller coasters by sitting at the hotel computer writing about shopping carts.  Sorry).  The author send her most sincere regards for being unable to complete this book, and promises a follow-up post, so that you will not be left unable to identify certain species of wild shopping cart.  The author wishes you the best from three hundred feet in the air.  We hope you enjoy this first installment of Flyergirl13's Field Identification Guide to Stray Shopping Carts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wow, we are so nerdy

As a opener at the Science Olympiad Club, we got a bunch of brain teasers to warm up.  A bunch of standard ones, you know about the farmer crossing the river with the fox and rabbit and carrots and whatever, that kind of thing.  Simple stuff.  But there was one problem that threw us.

"Turn this roman numeral into 6 using only one line."
So we worked on it.  My first idea was something like this:
You will note that it is all one line.  However, it wasn't the right answer (sad face).  So we kept experimenting.  Next came:
That says "- 3" using only one line, in case you couldn't tell.  But, weirdly enough, our amazing solution was still wrong.

We decided that using roman or arabic numerals wouldn't work, so we tried other options.  First: Greek numbers.  Failure.  Then came our epiphany:  maybe we had to write it in binary!  9 in binary is 1001, so maybe if we subtracted a 3 (11 in binary) we'd get 990 in decimal form, which in roman numerals is XM, so maybe if we flipped the whole thing upside down so it looked like XI then turned the I into an M....

We went on like this for a while.  I came up with the glorious solution that 6 was 110 in binary.  So if we let "X" represent 0, then all we had to do was add another line at the beginning.  I was so proud for having figured it out.

I was wrong.

At this point, we'd worked on it for about ten minutes, trying every combination of binary and decimal and roman numerals we could find.  Nothing yielded.  The teacher hinted that the answer was painfully obvious.  And it hit me like a brick wall, disregarding the fact that brick walls are inanimate and incapable of motion, let alone hitting someone.  If I really wanted to be in contact with a brick wall, it's I who would have to do the hitting.  Just sayin'

So the answer hit me (the answer is also inanimate.  See above).  I knew it.  I danced around the room mocking those poor fools attempting to use Braille.  Just kidding.  I politely mentioned that I knew the answer.

Are you ready?  I'll give you time to shield your eyes by presenting you with this picture of Matthew Lewis/Neville Longbottom

Ok.  Are you ready now?

You'd better be.
I kind of love how we spent time converting it to binary and trying to solve that way.  I love being nerdy.  DFTBA <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I don't know.
You tell me.
All I can tell you is that this image makes me extremely happy.
And that is all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss"

I can fly.

As my username implies, of course.  Not that it means anything, because if my username was "AwesomePerson" it wouldn't necessarily be true...oh wait it is true!  Bad example.  Sorry.

Anyways, I do this super cool thing called flying trapeze.  Yeah, like the circus thing.  I'm a circus freak and do lots of cool things, one of which is flying trapeze.  Looks like this:
That's what I look like right now.  Except with a nose and other features I've left out of this drawing.

But I didn't look like that a little while ago.  As of before last night, I looked like this:
You will note the key difference.  It's like one of those "Spot the Difference" puzzles, which I would just like to mention that I am damn good at those.
Those green line things are the safety lines.  The things that, you know, kept me alive while soaring through the air about 30 feet up.  Things, you will notice, are missing from the first picture.

I am officially allowed to fly without safety lines!  This is a big deal for me.  You have to go through all sorts of certification to prove you won't kill yourself and sue the trapeze school.  And I did.  And flew out of lines.  It was epic.

Umm...yea....that's it.  I was psyched and nervous and excited and it was awesome.  You may send cupcakes or congratulatory elephants to P.O. Box #3.14159.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Thinks That...

  • Rick Perry looks like a younger Ronald Reagan?
    • Trucks like this look sort of decapitated?

    Just two small musings of the day.  That, and that I feel like I'm stuck in Groundhog Day.  Every day this week been Monday (so it seems, because my school is having us follow a Monday schedule all week) and every day has been raining and miserable.  Hopefully the weekend will make everything better.

    I leave you now with a few posters my friends and I designed for our club, Do Something.
    Which is your favorite?

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    The Math of Love (Or is it the Love of Math?)

    I have a confession to make.  It has to do with love.  And math.
    Which is not such a weird combination.  Famous awesome people think about it a lot.  Like Randall Munroe.
    Sure, he couldn't figure it out.  But I have.  No, this doesn't have anything to do with a math geek I might have a crush on, it's about MATH.


    Confession time.


    I...ummm....I love my calculator.

    Yep.  That's it.  I hope that's not too weird.  And I don't mean that I, like, want to do things with it cuz that's disgusting and all you people have extremely dirty minds.  Get your minds out of the gutter, people, and think about happy things like calculators.

    Now, explanation.  I've had my scientific calculator since freshman year.  Looks like this: 
    And I love it.  It's so useful!  It can solve quadratic equations and systems of equations and simplify radicals and amazing things like that.  It saved me in Algebra II.  And I love it, oh so very much.

    So this entire explanation has been so that you can understand the situation in the following awkward story that happened to me:

    So I need a graphing calculator for Pre-Calc, so my mom and I go to Staples.  We look at the calculators and try to decide whether or not I need the Silver Edition of the calculator.  Pretty normal.  But then, on the shelf nearby, I spot my beloved Casio calculator.
    "Look, Mom!!"  I say, pointing with enthusiasm, "There's my scientific calculator!!  I love that calculator soooo much!"
    My mom looks a bit weirded out, but then I notice this random guy who was standing there looking at the calculators.  He was looking at the calculators, but now he's looking at me as though I turned into a velociraptor on the spot.  He doesn't say anything, just looks at me for a long while.  In the meantime, I mutters something like "Umm....sorry...just...ummm...talking to my mom, sorry..." and then pretend to be extremely engrossed in studying the TI-84 Plus like it's the most interesting thing ever.  AWKWARD.

    True story.  Now you can see that my love for my calculator has spawned some awkwardness.  Not to mention my friend laughed when I told her the next day and said it was slightly weird that I am unnaturally attached to my calculator.  She's just jealous :P

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    1 Day Down, 179 To Go

    I got a call from our superintendent yesterday.  I had to listen to his whiney voice for no reward.  "School in our district," he drawls, "will continue as scheduled."  That is, no cancellations due to the hurricane like some other schools.  So I listened to this guy's voice for nothing.  Arggh.

    So, school.  I'm a junior now!  Honestly, it doesn't feel much different to be an upperclassman.  What's the significance?  Bragging rights, I guess.

    Before Homeroom: Meet up in the library.  Discuss the new giant signs, similar to an airport, that tell you where things are.  Make fun of my friend's younger siblings who are frosh.

    Homeroom: Get schedule.  Color-code schedule, because I'm OCD like that.

    First Period - Romanticism: My teacher is young and extremely socially awkward.  He has no stage presence and can't make eye contact.  It's amusing and a good, easy class for first period.  My friends and I visited our old APUSH teacher right before class, and the new APUSH students have it first period.  Sucks for them.

    Second Period - Pre-Calc: I need a $100 graphing calculator by tomorrow.  Plus, we played a name game that involved eating Skittles.  I think that was the highlight.  On the way to class, a frosh asked me where the history hallway was, while we were standing under one of the giant signs that directed you.

    Third Period - Creative Writing: We basically spent the  class discussing (read: dissing)the summer reading book, Feed.  The author's going to come talk about it, and the whole school basically hated it.  My friend's sister is planning on heckling him.  Should be entertaining.

    Fourth Period - AP World: It's so different from APUSH!!  As in, the teacher didn't spend the first class period trying (and succeeding) to instill fear into your heart.

    Lunch: It was fairly lunchy.  Not much else to say.  Frosh #2 asked me for directions.  I was tempted to send them to the farthest corner of the school, but I'm not that mean.

    Fifth Period - AP Psych: Soon, I will learn enough psychobabble to confuse my way out of any situation.  Plus, I'll be able to psychoanalyze you all.  I can do that already.  You're awesome.

    Sixth Period - Marketing: No friends in this class, I'm lonely.  Frosh #3 asked for directions to the hallway they were standing in.  Do I just look friendly enough not to send them the wrong way?  At least this means I'm tall enough not to look like a freshman to them.  Happy dance!

    Seventh Period - Physics: It makes up for Marketing by having 7 of my group in the class.  It's incredible, and I feel really bad for the teacher.

    So, conclusion?  I'd rather be sleeping.

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    The East Coast isn't supposed to have these issues

    So what did we do to piss off Mother Nature.  First a freakin' earthquake, now a freakin' hurricane.
    I'm sorry, I take it back, Mother Nature!!  I didn't mean to insult you!  Please don't smite me!

    Though on the plus side, the "earthquake" spawned a funny meme:
    I'm sure you've all seen it before, but I'll post it again so it looks like I had something to do with it.

    However, on the negative side, the hurricane sucked.  I lost power for 36 hours.  My neighbors had a tree fall on their shed, and another one come this close to coming down on their house.  Yay, devastation!

    The best part was the tree that fell on our street:

    It was hilarious to watch all the other cars drive under it, but not as much when I myself had to drive under it.  And extremely reassuring that our town cares enough about our well-being to put a cone under it to warn us of danger.  Or perhaps let us know there was a hazardous tree over the road?  Whatever the reason, I applaud them, because it made the area a lot safer and made us feel like they were protecting us.

    Or not.

    Life without power is a sad thing.  No Facebook, SparkLife, anything.  Heck, no computer at all!  No phone, because it died and I couldn't recharge it.  No lights.  I took a shower in pitch black.  All our ice cream melted.  And, worst of all, I had no way to update my blog. *cue gasps and screams of horror*

    I played Scrabble, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit (we think our is the Canadian edition - about 25% of questions were about Canadian provinces, Canadian politicians, Canadian geography.  Really, Trivial Pursuit?).  I spent 6 hours on a AP World collage.  I ate dinner by candlelight.  I tried to convince my mom to buy a year supply of canned food and a wood burning stove in case the apocalypse happens like in Life As We Knew It (good book, check it out), but she said no.  Sad face.

    However, I did get my own phone in my bedroom!  Check it out:
    A ROTARY PHONE!  What now?  Beat that, peeps.

    All I can conclude from this powerless experience is that is must have sucked to live without electricity.  I mean, how did they go without email???