Monday, June 27, 2011

An announcement

Hi! This is flyergirl13's brother! I'm just letting you all know that she needs to learn to be better about logging out of things, and also that large quantities of the content she posts here are directly or indirectly stolen from my facebook page :P

I don't really have anything to say here, except that despite her having an awesome time wherever she is, I am having a far more awesome time doing such things as glow poi, and waiting anxiously for my fire contact juggling ball to arrive. Because I'm into stuff like that. I never needed my arm hair anyway.

I will check the comments on this post for the next while. However, you may expect this blog post to disappear before my sister's return, and be replaced by a post which merely reads, "Mischief Managed". You are free to make up what you please to tell her I said.

I will leave you with some food for thought:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is just like Mario Kart, right?

So I got my permit.  It's nice and shiny paper and has an ugly picture of me on it.  It allows me to legally learn how to drive.

No problem! I'm an ACE at Mario Kart, this is a piece of cake!

Until...I try to actually go on a road.  There were like, other cars there.  And they were moving fast.  Right by me.  And I had to learn how to stop and go and be nice to the idiots who are honking at me and tailgating me as I drive the speed limit.

People are nuts.  Well, what do I expect, I live in Massachusetts.  Massholes.

I got my permit two days ago.  I drove legally for the first time 2 days ago.  Yesterday, the day after I got my permit, I learned to drive a manual transmission.  And drove it for the first time on a real road.  At night, during a downpour.  At least that means if I can survive that, I can survive anything.  Go me!

Now please excuse me while I load my car with banana peels and turtle shells.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My NaNoWriMo Arrived!

I'm super excited.  I ordered it about a week ago, because the NaNo YWP gives everyone under 18 a free proof copy of their book.  Like, I got a FREE COPY of MY book, professionally done.  It's all extremely exciting.
The package arrived about 5 days earlier than the website said it would.  I was practically dancing with happiness.  So, I decided to document the amazing moment.
The package....and my hand.

Just the package.  I had to dramatize the moment.  Please bask in its awesomeness
Umm...can't get it open
It's open! Drumroll....
*Angels singing*  IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL, I'M GONNA CRY
It's a REAL LIVE BOOK! I'm hyperventilating.
It even has REAL LIVE PAGES!!!  247 of them!
And...right there on the back cover is a typo.  I've done a lot of "peering", but I've never "perred" before.  Arggghh.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes, we are obsessed

So after the AP exams, APUSH has kind of been hell.  Here's the run-down on our final project, which we have spent the past month and a half on:

Basically, we create a fictitious presidential candidate to run in 2012.  There are 5 groups creating candidates.  My group's in Anthony Louis Benson.  We then write position papers outlining their policies for important issues.  We wrote about energy policy, the budget, and foreign policy in Iraq, Iran, and Israel.  Each of these were about 25+ pages, mind you.  And each completed in 10 days.

Now, as I mentioned, my group can be slightly obsessive about this kind of thing.  We also like to take things above and beyond.  Like so.

  1. Part of the project is to create Twitter accounts for our candidates so they can tweet and stuff.  I wanted our candidate to stand out, so I went ahead and made a Wikipedia page for him.  It was deleted by an admin within 3 minutes of its creation, because apparently it was a "blatant hoax".  Really now, Wikipedia?  The following is my conversation with an admin, in which I pleaded for him not to delete it.
    Me: Please tell me why you called this page a hoax. It really shouldn't be deleted, since first of all it is true, and second of all I need the page for a project.    
    Admin: Wikipedia is not the place for this kind of page. On this page it says that Benson was governor of California in 2004, which is not true. You also don't provide any sources for the other information in this article.   
    Me: Benson is a candidate who has not yet publicized his campaign for the 2012 presidency. His credentials and biography have been used from his own Facebook page and Twitter account, which he updates regularly. 
    Admin: Once he 'publicizes' this with a reliable source, then the article can be created. You will have to apply to an admin to recreate this article as its been creation protected.     
    Me: What is creation protected? 
    Admin: read WP:SALT   
    Me: This is ridiculous. The page should not have been deleted. You've lost yourself a loyal reader.  
    Admin: If you would have read the article creation policies, and followed those rules with your page it wouldn't have been deleted.(or created in the first place)
  2. Another part of the project is to choose a VP running mate (an actual, real person).  We chose Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).  But we actually emailed her to ask if she wanted to be our VP (and offered to send her our position papers).  She has yet to respond but I will inform you if she does.
  3. Another group insulted us on Twitter.  So we created a fake newspaper clipping in which we accused them of "mismanagement of campaign funds."  Next, we're hoping to do a sex scandal or something.
  4. We printed up campaign posters and wallpapered the history hallway.  Tomorrow, we will be giving all the history teachers cookies in thanks for their support (they let us put the fliers on their doors).
  5. Then someone took down the aforementioned fliers.  We don't know who, but we'll do some investigations.  THIS MEANS WAR! 

Monday, June 6, 2011


 Today, my friends, we bring a very controversial topic to the table.  Before we begin the pleasant conversation/discussion/debate/war/total annihilation of anyone who disagrees with you (that was the progression of most in-class debates I have in school), let's lay some ground rules.
  1. No throwing spoons at people.
  2. Keep your voice level between that of a platypus at lunchtime and typewriter at 49.8 wpm.
  3. No sic-ing dinosaurs on anyone.
  4. Anyone who mentions pea soup will be thrown out.
If you break any rules, I will sic my velociraptor on you.  And no, I am not breaking Rule #3, because I made the rules, so I'm allowed to break them.  If you have a problem with that, let me know the time, place, and weapon and we'll discuss the matter reasonably.

So...the topic of today's debate is:
It sums up all the awesome things about life.  Well, except wizards and Darren Criss and dinosaurs.  And whipped cream and loam.  But close enough, okay? 
It also sums up the controversies of life.  Obviously, are you Team Ninja or Team Pirate?

Team Ninja has katanas, night vision, death gazes of death, ninja stars (see diagram, left hand), and awesomeness.
Team Pirate has Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook (see diagram, right hand), swords, cannons, eyepatches, and awesomeness.

And then, of course, there's robots and zombies.  The Roboters believe that the world will end when the robots gain sentience and will destroy us all.  The Zombiers believe that the world will end when the zombies come back to life and destroy us all.

Of course, there are other opinions.  There are the Mayaners, whose Bible is the movie 2012.  Also, the Obesitiers, who believe childhood obesity will eat us all from the inside out.  And the Staplers, who plan to destroy the world with a staple gun.  There are so many opinions on how the world will end.

Is it strange that there is no one out there predicting how the world will NOT end???