Sunday, December 9, 2012


1. I am sorry, Blogger, but I am having an affair with tumblr.  I hope you're not offended.

2. I confess that I have become quite fangirly over BBC's Sherlock.  Only a teensy bit obsessed.  Maybe more.

3. I confess that I told you I wouldn't post any more Gallifreyan art, yet here it this.  This also relates to #2

The text in this one, with which I took quite a few liberties in terms of organization, says "I am SHERlocked," which is of course from A Scandal in Belgravia.
As always, done entirely in Sharpie.  And took far longer than any other Gallifreyan artwork I've done.  Drawing Benedict Cumberbatch is HARD!  But I'm quite pleased.