Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The East Coast isn't supposed to have these issues

So what did we do to piss off Mother Nature.  First a freakin' earthquake, now a freakin' hurricane.
I'm sorry, I take it back, Mother Nature!!  I didn't mean to insult you!  Please don't smite me!

Though on the plus side, the "earthquake" spawned a funny meme:
I'm sure you've all seen it before, but I'll post it again so it looks like I had something to do with it.

However, on the negative side, the hurricane sucked.  I lost power for 36 hours.  My neighbors had a tree fall on their shed, and another one come this close to coming down on their house.  Yay, devastation!

The best part was the tree that fell on our street:

It was hilarious to watch all the other cars drive under it, but not as much when I myself had to drive under it.  And extremely reassuring that our town cares enough about our well-being to put a cone under it to warn us of danger.  Or perhaps let us know there was a hazardous tree over the road?  Whatever the reason, I applaud them, because it made the area a lot safer and made us feel like they were protecting us.

Or not.

Life without power is a sad thing.  No Facebook, SparkLife, anything.  Heck, no computer at all!  No phone, because it died and I couldn't recharge it.  No lights.  I took a shower in pitch black.  All our ice cream melted.  And, worst of all, I had no way to update my blog. *cue gasps and screams of horror*

I played Scrabble, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit (we think our is the Canadian edition - about 25% of questions were about Canadian provinces, Canadian politicians, Canadian geography.  Really, Trivial Pursuit?).  I spent 6 hours on a AP World collage.  I ate dinner by candlelight.  I tried to convince my mom to buy a year supply of canned food and a wood burning stove in case the apocalypse happens like in Life As We Knew It (good book, check it out), but she said no.  Sad face.

However, I did get my own phone in my bedroom!  Check it out:
A ROTARY PHONE!  What now?  Beat that, peeps.

All I can conclude from this powerless experience is that is must have sucked to live without electricity.  I mean, how did they go without email???

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  1. I'm glad that most of the East coast is safe and sound!
    I liked Life As We Knew it, but it kind of scares me. If there's an apocalypse, my family has an action plan. Like, we had the discussion half-jokingly over dinner one night. :D


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