Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coloring Books are EVVVIILLLL (not really)

"Evil" spelled backwards is "live" and coloring books are life.

I purchased a coloring book this weekend.  My mind went something in this procession:
I see a shelf of coloring books!
They're 50% off!
I must look for a Harry Potter one.
They don't have any.
Look!  A Lion King coloring book!
Must have!

After all the multiple Black Friday discounts, it cost a grand total of 50 cents.  Ouch.
I don't get how all the store manage to get into the black on this day if all they do is price all their products way lower than usual?

Anyways, I was extremely proud of my coloring book, until I realized I have no crayons.
Then, life was very sad.

We also got our Christmas tree today.  It took forever, due to the discrepancies in opinion between family members.  I had fun comparing trees to math.  "That tree trunk looks like a cubic function.  That one looks like a tan line."

I visited Niagara Falls, and stood on the shoulders of giants (just like Newton!).  Only one giant, Nikola Tesla*.  Then, my mom yelled at me and told me to stop climbing on statues.

*In case you don't know who he is, he's the namesake of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla coils.  Did cool stuff with electricity, including Niagara hydropower.

Over and out, dudes.  Have fun with all that leftover turkey.  (Hint: Turkey pancakes.  Not as bad of an idea as you'd think.)


  1. I'm getting my christmas tree ready. It's a fake tree, so it took some putting it together. Need lights and ornaments for right now.

  2. I kinda want a colouring book now. I haven't used one in ages.

  3. what kind of Coloring Books? try the Lion King coloring book +follow

  4. I can't stand coloring. I'm really anal about it and if even a smudge goes over the line it irritates me to no end.

    And I changed the title on my blog to better match the URL. :P


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