Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's like losing, except more fun.

I have 50,003 words, but my novel isn't quite down yet.  I'll probably need another thousand or so to wrap things up.  But regardless, I WON.

I can write fifty freaking thousand words in a month.  Friends, I do believe I am invincible.
Go ahead, shoot me, the bullet will bounce off because vampires have an extra chromosome and because Edward loves Bella and because I have my 50,000 word novel to use as a shield.

Out of random curiousity, now that I'm on the subject of novels protecting against bullets, how many sheets of paper could stop a bullet from going through?

I suddenly really want to know this.  Google, here I come.

Google is conflicted on the answer.  Apparently depends on type of paper, type of gun, type of bullet, and so on.  I just want to KNOW, Google!  How could you fail me?  *headkeyboard* sdfhnkjKsdhn

Someone, please test this for me and discover the answer.


  1. Good for you! I, unfortunately, got hit with a whopping dose of Real Life this November and was unable to complete my novel. Oh well. I have the rest of my life to finish it, right? Congratulations!

  2. I tried finding out for you, and I just got the same answer you did. It depends on the type of paper, bullet, and distance. I'd reckon one of those small leather bound bibles could stop a pistol bullet at a good range though. Congrats on getting all those words done too, and good luck with getting finished :)

  3. Supposidly, Teddy Roosevelt was shot at before he gave a speech. Since the speech was so thick, it stopped the bullet enough so he didn't die. He was bleeding on stage, though, since the speech didn't COMPLETELY stop the bulllet but he still gave his long speech anyway. Depending on the number of pages, the type of gun, and the distance, your story could stop a bullet. There's probably some algebraic formula to find it out; there's an algebraic formula for EVERYTHING!

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