Monday, November 21, 2011

MIT is surprisingly surprising

Taking classes at MIT is fun, but roaming around campus for a while, exploring?  Even better.

First, my friend and I climbed every abstract/modern art sculpture we could find.  Yeah, there were a lot.

Next, we climbed a wall outside a building and, using the foor-wide edge along the windows, around twenty feet off the ground, walked around the entire building peering into window and freaking out the students.

Yes, Mr. Professor, I was looking in your twenty-foot high office window and watching you on Facebook.

That sounds extremely creepy.  But it was fun when the teachers were facing away from the window, so the students saw us and pointed, and when the teachers turned, we were gone.  Good times to be had.

Next, we tried to find a way onto the roof from one of the inside staircases, but all the doors were locked.  Bummer.

Next, we found a staircase that led into the "secret" tunnel system between buildings, and had good fun poking around.  I kept count, and ended up with 16 doors marked with a sign that read something along the lines of "DANGER: Radioactive materials.  You will likely die if you open this door."

Finally, I'd like the summarize the awesomeness of MIT by simply listing three acapella group names I found on flyers:

  • Logarhythms
  • Chorollaries
  • Asymptones
And, last of all, one completely unrelated image that I felt like sharing:


  1. hahaha that last picture is fucking great

    Oh that last picture. My 7th grade English teacher told us what it said. It still cracks me up.


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