Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Day Down, 179 To Go

I got a call from our superintendent yesterday.  I had to listen to his whiney voice for no reward.  "School in our district," he drawls, "will continue as scheduled."  That is, no cancellations due to the hurricane like some other schools.  So I listened to this guy's voice for nothing.  Arggh.

So, school.  I'm a junior now!  Honestly, it doesn't feel much different to be an upperclassman.  What's the significance?  Bragging rights, I guess.

Before Homeroom: Meet up in the library.  Discuss the new giant signs, similar to an airport, that tell you where things are.  Make fun of my friend's younger siblings who are frosh.

Homeroom: Get schedule.  Color-code schedule, because I'm OCD like that.

First Period - Romanticism: My teacher is young and extremely socially awkward.  He has no stage presence and can't make eye contact.  It's amusing and a good, easy class for first period.  My friends and I visited our old APUSH teacher right before class, and the new APUSH students have it first period.  Sucks for them.

Second Period - Pre-Calc: I need a $100 graphing calculator by tomorrow.  Plus, we played a name game that involved eating Skittles.  I think that was the highlight.  On the way to class, a frosh asked me where the history hallway was, while we were standing under one of the giant signs that directed you.

Third Period - Creative Writing: We basically spent the  class discussing (read: dissing)the summer reading book, Feed.  The author's going to come talk about it, and the whole school basically hated it.  My friend's sister is planning on heckling him.  Should be entertaining.

Fourth Period - AP World: It's so different from APUSH!!  As in, the teacher didn't spend the first class period trying (and succeeding) to instill fear into your heart.

Lunch: It was fairly lunchy.  Not much else to say.  Frosh #2 asked me for directions.  I was tempted to send them to the farthest corner of the school, but I'm not that mean.

Fifth Period - AP Psych: Soon, I will learn enough psychobabble to confuse my way out of any situation.  Plus, I'll be able to psychoanalyze you all.  I can do that already.  You're awesome.

Sixth Period - Marketing: No friends in this class, I'm lonely.  Frosh #3 asked for directions to the hallway they were standing in.  Do I just look friendly enough not to send them the wrong way?  At least this means I'm tall enough not to look like a freshman to them.  Happy dance!

Seventh Period - Physics: It makes up for Marketing by having 7 of my group in the class.  It's incredible, and I feel really bad for the teacher.

So, conclusion?  I'd rather be sleeping.


  1. I know what you mean. Though, I end up sleeping in class anyways lol.

  2. If anyone tells you high school is the best time of your life, don't believe them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  3. high school life rocks:) no doubt about it...<3 :)

    just followed you:)...! hope you follow back:)


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