Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's like losing, except more fun.

I have 50,003 words, but my novel isn't quite down yet.  I'll probably need another thousand or so to wrap things up.  But regardless, I WON.

I can write fifty freaking thousand words in a month.  Friends, I do believe I am invincible.
Go ahead, shoot me, the bullet will bounce off because vampires have an extra chromosome and because Edward loves Bella and because I have my 50,000 word novel to use as a shield.

Out of random curiousity, now that I'm on the subject of novels protecting against bullets, how many sheets of paper could stop a bullet from going through?

I suddenly really want to know this.  Google, here I come.

Google is conflicted on the answer.  Apparently depends on type of paper, type of gun, type of bullet, and so on.  I just want to KNOW, Google!  How could you fail me?  *headkeyboard* sdfhnkjKsdhn

Someone, please test this for me and discover the answer.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coloring Books are EVVVIILLLL (not really)

"Evil" spelled backwards is "live" and coloring books are life.

I purchased a coloring book this weekend.  My mind went something in this procession:
I see a shelf of coloring books!
They're 50% off!
I must look for a Harry Potter one.
They don't have any.
Look!  A Lion King coloring book!
Must have!

After all the multiple Black Friday discounts, it cost a grand total of 50 cents.  Ouch.
I don't get how all the store manage to get into the black on this day if all they do is price all their products way lower than usual?

Anyways, I was extremely proud of my coloring book, until I realized I have no crayons.
Then, life was very sad.

We also got our Christmas tree today.  It took forever, due to the discrepancies in opinion between family members.  I had fun comparing trees to math.  "That tree trunk looks like a cubic function.  That one looks like a tan line."

I visited Niagara Falls, and stood on the shoulders of giants (just like Newton!).  Only one giant, Nikola Tesla*.  Then, my mom yelled at me and told me to stop climbing on statues.

*In case you don't know who he is, he's the namesake of the Tesla Roadster and Tesla coils.  Did cool stuff with electricity, including Niagara hydropower.

Over and out, dudes.  Have fun with all that leftover turkey.  (Hint: Turkey pancakes.  Not as bad of an idea as you'd think.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

MIT is surprisingly surprising

Taking classes at MIT is fun, but roaming around campus for a while, exploring?  Even better.

First, my friend and I climbed every abstract/modern art sculpture we could find.  Yeah, there were a lot.

Next, we climbed a wall outside a building and, using the foor-wide edge along the windows, around twenty feet off the ground, walked around the entire building peering into window and freaking out the students.

Yes, Mr. Professor, I was looking in your twenty-foot high office window and watching you on Facebook.

That sounds extremely creepy.  But it was fun when the teachers were facing away from the window, so the students saw us and pointed, and when the teachers turned, we were gone.  Good times to be had.

Next, we tried to find a way onto the roof from one of the inside staircases, but all the doors were locked.  Bummer.

Next, we found a staircase that led into the "secret" tunnel system between buildings, and had good fun poking around.  I kept count, and ended up with 16 doors marked with a sign that read something along the lines of "DANGER: Radioactive materials.  You will likely die if you open this door."

Finally, I'd like the summarize the awesomeness of MIT by simply listing three acapella group names I found on flyers:

  • Logarhythms
  • Chorollaries
  • Asymptones
And, last of all, one completely unrelated image that I felt like sharing:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abundance of Covers

You may or may not know that John Green is holding a design contest for the cover of the newest edition of An Abundance of Katherines.

I've never really tried designing things before, so I tried it out and this is what I came up with.  I was hoping you could all tell me what I can do to make it better.
One concern I had was the background color - I wasn't sure which to choose.  Any ideas?
Also, does the little bit of letters next to his name look weird?  Should I cut them out and just put the name across the whole width of the bottom?
The weird circle is my attempt at one of those annoying watermarks, so people can't steal the cover design.  PEOPLE.  It is illegal to steal this cover!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Solver Extraordinaire: ME

I  now understand why people carry around Rubik's Cubes.  Because when you solve the, you feel so freaking epic you just want to keep doing it forever.

I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube today.

I still need to look at this one long algorithm, but I have all the others memorized, and I just feel awesome.  I can't stop doing it, as though if I'm not sure if it was just chance and I have to do it again to prove I can.

My best time is 3:47, which compared to most people is terrible, but I'm super proud of.  Considering I've known how to do this for about 5 hours.

Imagine what you could do in 3 minutes 47 seconds.  You could brush our teeth.  Write around 125 NaNo words.  If you're Bill Gates, you earn around $5000.  You could get around 300 points in Fruit Ninja, depending how good you are.  You could do your pre-calc homework.
Or you could solve Rubik's Cube.

Well, at least I've crossed this item off my bucket list.

Snippet of my Bucket List

312. Go skydiving
313. Swim with dolphins

314. Solve a Rubik's Cube

315. Watch every Vlogbrothers video

Sorry I have no hand-drawn pictures, but here's an awesome prank related to Rubik's Cubes.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I can't run a 5K but I can write 50K. What now?

We lost power for about two days due to snow in freaking October.  Global warming?  What global warming?

My friends and I have this theory called Global Freezing.  The idea is that "global warming" is just a natural heating of the Earth.  But because we are making such a big deal over it, our efforts to cool down the Earth will go overboard and result in another Ice Age.  We will present this theory to America in a book called "A Convenient Truth" and make millions.

In other news, NaNoWriMo started yesterday!  I'm up to about 4000 words so far, due to the convenient truth that school has been canceled for the past three days due to power outages.  A five-day weekend has left me feeling significantly less stressed over homework and tests coming up.  This is good.

I propose a new system of schooling in which, instead of five days on, two days off, we get two days of school, two days off, repeatedly, ignoring what day of the week it is.  Anyone got any suggestions on how to propose this to the superintendent?

I have a fancy brand-new computer.  It's fancy.  However, this means that I have not yet copied all my programs over to this computer.  Which means...sad face...the program I use to illustrate is not available.  So I used some random online thing that I found when I Googled "drawing."

UPDATE:  My life sucks because I somehow deleted the entire first chapter of my novel.  AHHHHHHHH.  I will just keep writing and go back at the end to re-write it, because I don't have time to start at the beginning.  This sucks.