Monday, May 16, 2011

Funny how Relay for Life gets me feeling like a zombie

Relay for Life: last night about half the school goes to the fields to walk around the track to raise money to support cancer research.

...I almost accidentally wrote "support cancer" but caught myself.  Last week my friend was selling bracelets for child abuse awareness.  She told us to buy one to "support child abuse!"

Just a heads up, by the way: the post is not going to be coherent.  It will be me rambling about things that have nothing to do with each other.  Sleep deprivation causes me to believe that spoons are somehow, inexplicably linked to the square root of 429.  Therefore, if I'm doing my math homework, I might end up with a story about how Spoon and Fork hooked up in Vegas that one night and that's how we ended up with Spork.  Then, Spork met a beautiful girl, Foon, who he did not know was actually a result of Spoon and Fork's adventures in Cancun.  Spork and Foon hooked up without knowing they were siblings, and their kid was mutated beyond repair.  His name was Grapefruit Spoon.

Does anyone not see how loopy I am?  I'm like 4 paragraphs in and haven't even talked about Relay for Life yet.  I need a timer.  Or a trained giraffe to slap me when I go on random tangents.
 Hey, people.  This is weird, because you don't actually know that this is a different me.  I practically fell asleep at my keyboard when writing this on Saturday, and decided to finish the post later.  I'm significantly more alive right now and might actually sound halfway coherent.

Okay...I will now finally talk about Relay For Life *applause* was really fun.  My first time ever.  I have a personal tie to this stuff, because a lot of relatives I know have had/are currently fighting cancer.
Anyway, so we walked around the track all night.  And stayed up all night.  A few notable moments...

We couldn't set up the tent.  My team is so freaking pathetic that our tent died.  In the process of setting it up I pinched that little piece of skin between my thumb and forefinger.  You know, the stuff that HURTS A LOT when it gets pinched?  And broke a nail.  Poor me, a teenage girl bemoaning my broken nail.  And I'm a Girl Scout.  I'm supposed to be able to do these things.

We had food.  I met Sam that day but she became my new best friend because she brought food.  Cheesecake.  And Whipped Cream.  I love whipped cream.  My mother refuses to buy it because "it's bad for you", so this forces me to consume it in excessive proportions whenever I can.  My friends appeared to think it was strange to squirt in into your hand and devour it.  We also tried putting it on pizza, but that wasn't as good as we thought it would be.

We played Catchphrase.  It's sort of like a combination of Taboo and Hot Potato.  Look it up.  It'll take too long to explain.  But basically, our campsite somehow ended up right next to the history teachers' team.  My APUSH teacher himself, speak of the devil.  So our team invaded their campsite with our soccer chairs and challenged them to a duel.  To the death.  So we played Catchphrase for almost 2 hours   They beat us 3 games to 2, but all the games were really close.  We've challenged them to a rematch.  It is still pending.

Anyway, my team raised almost $2000.  Go team!  And our school was one of the top something in the country.  ...Top ten? ...Top 25?  No idea.  Something good though.  Yay!  Though I think the Relay needed more giraffes.  My pet giraffe Westley (the one who slaps me when I go on random tangents) was quite lonely.



    I wanted to do Relay for Life but to be honest, I'm more anxious to do a Great Strides event- it raises money to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. My cousin has it.

    Anyways, congratulations!

  2. YAY RELAY FOR LIFE! I'M PARTICIPATING, TOO! But ours is next month. :(
    $2000?! Wow, that is a LOT of money! You and your team are awesome.
    And I must say, I found sleep-deprived you quite hilarious! But then again, I find all sleep-deprived people funny. I like random tangents. And sporks. THOSE WHO THINK OTHERWISE SHOULD BURN--
    I'm kidding. I'm all for tolerance. Spork-haters should be given respect. A little bit of it, at least. I guess.


    RELAY FOR LIFE? Sounds awesome.

    My mom died of cancer so I would totally join, but I doubt we have that in China. ):

  4. do giraffes whistle or not talk at all?


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