Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I can't run a 5K but I can write 50K. What now?

We lost power for about two days due to snow in freaking October.  Global warming?  What global warming?

My friends and I have this theory called Global Freezing.  The idea is that "global warming" is just a natural heating of the Earth.  But because we are making such a big deal over it, our efforts to cool down the Earth will go overboard and result in another Ice Age.  We will present this theory to America in a book called "A Convenient Truth" and make millions.

In other news, NaNoWriMo started yesterday!  I'm up to about 4000 words so far, due to the convenient truth that school has been canceled for the past three days due to power outages.  A five-day weekend has left me feeling significantly less stressed over homework and tests coming up.  This is good.

I propose a new system of schooling in which, instead of five days on, two days off, we get two days of school, two days off, repeatedly, ignoring what day of the week it is.  Anyone got any suggestions on how to propose this to the superintendent?

I have a fancy brand-new computer.  It's fancy.  However, this means that I have not yet copied all my programs over to this computer.  Which means...sad face...the program I use to illustrate is not available.  So I used some random online thing that I found when I Googled "drawing."

UPDATE:  My life sucks because I somehow deleted the entire first chapter of my novel.  AHHHHHHHH.  I will just keep writing and go back at the end to re-write it, because I don't have time to start at the beginning.  This sucks.


  1. A new computer! Fantastic :D I shall have to take a look at what is left of the old one, when I come home. I want hard drives. And that graphics card. I'll set you up so you can access I'll my music and movies :)

    And hahaha, snow. It was 60 out yesterday. This is us:

  2. Hahahha you go! :D
    And congrats on the 50 subscribers! =)


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