Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buy your very own hipster, only $58

My sister got her very own hipster for Christmas!

Seriously, Vera Bradley makes a kind of purse called a hipster. My sister got one for Christmas.  All night, my brother and I were making hipster jokes.

"She's going to wear it ironically."

"She wore hipsters before it was cool."

"Normal purses are too mainstream."

And things of that nature.  I kind of want my own, just so I can tell people I have my very own personal hipster.  It stays by my side and carries my things for me.

The only problem is, Vera Bradley doesn't offer "vintage" or "ironic" patterns.


  1. "She's going to wear them ironically" HAHAHAHA Those hipster jokes are AWESOME!! Your awesome! DFTBA xD

  2. That was actually a very good piece! I will be staying up to date here.


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