Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I don't know what "Leibster" means, but it sounds fancy

This is the second post in a row that has been up for a day or two with no title.  I generally title posts after I write them, and now I'm forgetting to go back and title them.  If I forget again, you have permission to virtual-slap me in the comments.

It would appear as though I have been awarded an award, which is a rewarding feeling, and since this award was awarded to me by Gabi who I don't think is creepy. I think I should be awarded another award for the award-winning usage of some form of the word "award" in these few award-winning sentences.

Onto the blog award.  Basically, it means I have to tell you 7 things about me then tag 7 people with under 100 followers.  Let us commence the battle of wits!

*Though not really a battle since, considering I'm the one writing all this anyways, it's a bit biased, but hey, who said it was a fair Battle of Wits?  If it was fair, Westley would not be immune to iocane powder, and where would that leave us?  Being thrown off the Cliffs of Insanity, most likely.

1) I am more than slightly obsessed with The Princess Bride, and if you have not seen/read it, I shall strike you with an ax.

II) I just learned that "ax" is not spelled "axe" even though I always thought it was.  I guess "Axe" is just how they spell the deodorant.

c) Thee may be surprised to learneth that, upon occasion, I may enjoy to speaketh in a style which dost be similar to that of the Olde English.  Tis a most pleasant merriment.

iv) My hair has been dyed pink on and off for the last six months, but I didn't bleach my hair first so you couldn't really see it.

cinq) I can't roll my tongue or touch my nose or have a hitchhiker's thumb or anything cool like that.

6) I know over 100 digits of pi.

G) I refuse to number things in a normal fashion. the tagging!

Hope I didn't leave anyone out.  If you're reading this and being offended because I forgot to tag you, I apologize and place the blame on my press secretary, my pet rock, Westley.  Any complaints should be sent to him.

Finally, I have to leave you with this picture my friend showed me.  Maybe I'm just slow and everyone's seen it, but I cracked up.  Pretend like you think it's hilarious too so I don't feel bad.
It's "A Dell Rolling in the Deep"!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I forgot to title this. Fail. VELOCIRAPTORS!

My physics teacher is epic.  In addition to making 7th period the most hilarious and memorable ever, showing us amazing things about picking up chairs, his leaky car, and the trick about ripping a tablecloth out from under a dinner setup.

And this quote from yesterday:
"In math, there's a word for two lines that are perpendicular to each other.
[gives us a moment to let us think]
...and that word is 'perpendicular'"

It may sound stupid but it was hilarious.

And I leave you with this picture.  Because I guess today's theme is lines?

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Not Sure Whether to be Honored or Offended

Next week is Spirit Week at school.  Cast your eyes upon the theme for next Tuesday:

I mean, I'm a bit speechless.  My nerd friends and I are certainly honored by this kind of recognition?  I mean, having people dress like us for a full day?  Wow.  Then again, why do we need a special "Nerd Day?"  Every day is Nerd Day in my world!

Should I be honored that our elected student representatives are taking us nerds into account?

Or insulted that everyone will dress weird make a mockery of true nerdom?  Nerdom is not wearing large glasses, knee-high socks and collared shirts, as the sports teams seem to believe.  Umm, you're thinking of hipsters.

The only way to fully dress for Nerd Day is to come to school made of awesome. Which I doubt the majority of my school will be able to do.  Oh, well.  It shall be fun, regardless.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What happens when you put tomatoes in a blender?

You get a smoothie.  Tomatoes are a fruit, and fruit in a blender makes smoothies.

I would display lovely pictures of me attempting to make a tomato smoothie, but a) I don't like tomatoes, b) Our blender is broken, and c) Wouldn't it just be tomato sauce?

This doesn't have anything to do with anything except a way to transition into blathering excuses.  Basically, the reason I haven't posted in a while is sort of like putting tomatoes in a blender.

(Pauses a few seconds to let that sink in.)

My head is a blender.  This year I've thrown a good many more activities, classes, and general things that now my tomatoes are spewing out the top (tomatoes in this analogy is my brain.  The first to go will be my cerebral cortex.  Then the bottom will split open and spill out my cerebellum.  We're studying the brain in AP Psych).

Basically, I have no free time.

Told in a roundabout way involving tomatoes.

This is a picture of my head exploding (I'm not sure why I look so happy.)

Anyways, this is why I won't be posting as regularly as before.  I'm sorry if that makes you cry.

I spent the weekend visiting colleges and riding roller coasters.  Guess which one I liked better?
Then I met a famous clown.
Then I went to a math meet (I did pretty well - 11 out of 18 points!).
Then I got a new John Green book.
Then I made an egg carrier.
Then I procrastinated.

And  that's all folks, unless, in the time it takes me to finish this sentence, I think of something else to say.
...Didn't happen.
Over and out.

I remembered something whilst creating labels.

So in physics, we're doing projectile motion and that kind of thing, with degree launches, which require usage of sin, cos, and tan.  We're investigating the amazing idea that sin/cos = tan (I never knew that.  I mean, it makes total sense, but still).  So one person says, "I get the whole sin/cos thing, but what does this have to do with solving the problem?"  And my physics teacher replies, "I'm sorry, I was going off on a tangent."
We cracked up for about a full minute.
Nerd jokes <3