Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's The Point?

I love people who do stupid things. It makes life so much more amusing for the rest of us.
Marketing people enjoy screwing up big-time. So here's a couple pictures of some products that will make you scratch your head and scream, "What were they thinking??"

This one I took in the bathroom at a hotel we stayed at. So, what's the point of the toilet??

The company sent us a replacement pole for the leg of our table. On the right, the pole. On the left, the box they sent it in. Not in the image: 3 thousand packing peanuts. And we wonder why the environment is dying?
This I got from the magazine Consumer Reports, which, erm, I, ummm, do not read because I am not a nerd (well, I am, and I do, but...). Read the highlighted part.

Sometimes, you just have to wonder how the human race has managed to survive this long when so many members of our species are such idiots.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oreo Controversy

I understand this is a controversial topic, and I apologize in advance for any offense I may cause by stating my personal opinion as cold, hard fact. Which it, of course, is.

Oreos are extremely important to the evolution of humankind. Contrary to popular belief, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden for eating Oreos from the Tree of Knowledge, not apples (who cares about apples?). And if you look closely, you can see the Mona Lisa holding an Oreo while she poses for Leonardo da Vinci. Washington is eating Oreos while he crosses the Delaware in the famous painting. The delicious cookie is scattered across the pages of history, and it is our turn to write its story.

The question of this generation is, how does one eat an Oreo? Do you eat the cookie first, then the cream? Or maybe stuff it in your mouth all at once? Perhaps you eat the cream, then throw the cookie out. Or eat the cookie, then throw the cream out (Oh, please, no!). Well, you do it wrong. There is only one correct way to eat an Oreo.

1. Get Double-Stuf Oreos. The only kind worth eating.
2. Start with two cookies. I don't want to stress you out at first. Remove the top cookie from each.
3. Eat the removed cookies.
4. Take the remaining parts and put the together to form a monster Oreo. Eat it.
5. If you're good, you can do this with even more cookies. My record is 10. Can you beat it?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Harry Potter Mania

I am a Harry Potter maniac. It's important to know. To describe thoroughly the extent of my obsession, I should let you know that my friends and I are going to the midnight showing of HP 7 (Part 1) dressed as wizards. And personally, I hope to see you there.

What's this you say? You don't really want to see the movie? Well, you will, after you've watched this trailer, somehow I think you'll be a bit more enthusiastic. In other words, it's EPIC. It's the normal trailer, set to lyrics. I give it . . . 9.78 Chocolate Frogs out of 10!