Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I think I'm vaguely stuck in the 90's...

Despite the fact that I'm barely old enough the remember the 90s.

You see, back this spring, my dad replaced the radio system in my car (against my protests that it was perfectly functional, thank you very much).  Or rather, the car that my parents so graciously allow me to drive.

Now, my radio has a fancy radio, a USB and auxiliary input.  I hardly use them.  All I use is my CD slot.

I love CDs, and I don't know why.  It would be easier, and higher quality, less wasteful, and the same thing if I just made playlists and played those.  But there is something I can't give up about CDs.

It's irrational, I know.  It drives my dad bonkers.  Sorry.

Maybe I'm just a hipster?  I dunno.  I just love my CDs.

On an absolutely, totally unrelated note, I broke my phone.  (That's not really true.  It was a very logical, straightforward thinking process.  I went to Wikipedia to read about CDs, because I was curious.  It made me think of my Wikipedia app and how I love it with all my heart, because I can read random things whenever I want, which made me think of my phone.)

While on vacation, I dropped it.  It smacked the corner of a wooden table and got a deep crack in it.  Luckily, the touch screen still works (as of right now, at least) but it's done funky things to the LCD screen.  It started with purplish discolorment that started around the deepest crack, and slowly spread across the screen like a rainbow.  Once a full rainbow made it across, now it's all dark and hard to read.  Not fun, and it's gonna cost a lot to fix.  :(

Because that description did not adequately capture the situation, I made a guide to show the progression of the death of my screen.  I'm quite proud.