Saturday, May 21, 2011

So we're all going to die today, huh? What happened to 12-21-12?

So this will be my last blog post ever.  How depressing.

I honestly don't really get this Rapture stuff.  Seems so random.  Who gets the power to decide when the world will end?
I predict it will end on May 4, 2086.  Two hundred years after the Haymarket Square Bombing in 1886.  Just because.  Look!  I'm an apocalypse predictor!

This cartoon from xkcd pretty much sums up my views on this Rapture stuff:
Tomorrow, we will all look back and laugh.  The same thing will happen on December 22, 2012.  I mean, honestly, if the Mayans were such good predictors they should have seen the Spanish coming.
But whatever, I've already written a post about the Mayans.  See?  This is getting pathetic.  There are already so many apocalypse predictions that I've written 2 posts about them withing the 5 months of each other.  This is getting ridiculous.  Seriously people.

Oh well.  I could just go out and kill a few dozen people, then this won't even affect me, right?

UPDATE: So I Google-News'd this and apparantly, 6 PM has already happened in Europe.  Either no one in the Eastern hemisphere is worthy of ascension, or this is really pathetic and humans are stupid and guillible.  Guess which I'm betting for?

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  1. I looked it up, turns out the mayans (not sure if I spelled that right) didn't even predict the world would end then. The date they supposedly predicted the world would end was just the end of their calender cycle. And whats the big deal over it anyway? If a caveman said the world would end, would there be a big commotion over it because an ancient being predicted it?

    Sorry, I needed an excuse to rant about something. it was a good post though!


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