Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A journey of a thousand awards and fame and awesomeness and fantasticism begins with one award

Because someone is awesome and amazing, Lola gave me a blog award.  As I mentioned briefly in the title, this award is clearly a sign of my soon-to-be rise to fame and fortune.  I would thank all the awesome people in my life for supporting me and stuff, but sometimes I like to hog the glory.  I'm like fluorine, the most electronegative element, who hogs all the electrons when it bonds.  I often don't like being in the spotlight, but this award is too awesome.

Ok, let's cut to the chase.  THIS is my award, the Overlord Award.  Be jealous.
Being granted the privilege of being supreme ruler-dictator-monarch-queen-awesome person-winner allows me to decide 3 rules that I would like to change:

  1. Anyone who misuses "they're", "their", or "there" or "to", "two", and "too" will be sentenced to dark and unhappy dungeons.
  2. All sentences spoken to me must begin with either "Your Royal Awesomeness..." or "Darren Criss is calling on line 2."
  3. Everyone just lost the game.
And now, to pass on this prestigious award to my fellow awesome-ers.

Give Up Sex or Dinosaurs? because she gave it to me, and I like to return favors.  Plus, I love her blog.
Ohmygoodnessgraciousgosh because of awesome pictures and a title that took me 3 tries to spell correctly.
Almost out of Ink because I wish I could draw that well.

If you are furious that I forgot you and wish to express your anger, leave me a note in the comments.  I will read it, cackle, and remind you I just got the Overlord Award.  WIN


  1. Awww thank you! <3
    Would you like a personal drawing? :)

  2. Darren Criss is on line 2.

    Also, you're welcome and thank you :) I'm glad you enjoy my blog- I enjoy yours as well!

  3. I just lost the game. AND you forgot me? AND my name just became a vocabulary word, because someone forgot how to spell it. GOSH. xD

  4. You're Royal Awesomeness. I LIKE THAT!!

  5. flyergirl13 said...
    Eeshie - you may or may not have done it on purpose but your comment broke Rule #1. I hereby senntence you to 6 minutes in a dark and unhappy dungeon (1 minute per word in the comment) Thank you :P


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