Friday, May 6, 2011

I feel so free!

Wow, I'm actually pretty proud of this here piece of artwork.  It took time, skill, dedication, and pure sweat.  But I could do it.  You know why?

The AP Exam is OVER

Today was a beautiful day once it got past 12 noon.  I'm now legally bound not to discuss it for 48 hours, so let's just rejoice in it's over-ness.

And look forward to the days of 40-page essays that my teacher historically assigns after the exam.

But let's not think about that!  Today I ate ice cream and read a book (the first one in several weeks that wasn't my APUSH textbook!)

I even got a cake to celebrate.  If you can't read it, it says "APUSH piece of cake"

This is how I studied for APUSH.  I sit in the middle.
And just to celebrate, here's a few other pictures I've been stockpiling on my phone:
A ceramic dinosaur!!!  My sister made it for me, how awesomely cool is that!!!

A sign I put up in my bathroom to give a friendly tip to my sister.  You'll notice it's almost the same as my comment message.  That's because you can put anything into the third line and it's a multi-purpose poem.  I highly recommend using it often.
Another sign I put in the bathroom.


  1. I love the velociraptor poem!!! It's like the link to my blog xD Except I say that they wear glasses because it makes me feel less like an idiot for being so blind. Velociraptors actually had really good eyesight. It makes me feel so jealous... Is it sad that I am jealous of an extinct dinosaur?

  2. PSSSSH. "I'm now legally bound not to discuss it for 48 hours"? No one I know ever follows that rule. We all just sign the statement and then discuss once the test is over, or even during the breaks. "What did you put for such-and-such question?" "I put this one answer choice." "Oh, no, I didn't put that! I GOT THAT WRONG!"
    BTW, my verification word is "thomp." :D

  3. Congrats on finishing the APUSH exam!
    I took it last year...but since I'm online schooled and my assignments are all self-paced, I only had 50% of the course complete when I took it.
    Only God knows how I escaped with a 4...

    Also, I love your blog title. And the picture is so creatively epic, it's tickling me.

  4. Congrats on the exam!

    And the picture is awesome. You rock.


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