Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Welcome to the first post of 2011.

Now, just to spoil the mood, let's remind ourselves that this will be the last complete year of our lives. Ya know, because the world will end Dec. 21, 2012.
Right. Bring it on, Mayans.
Thing I find most interesting is this - I've lived during two different millenniums, two different centuries, and three different decades!
Personally, I find that rather impressive.

Enough rambling about deep stuff like how cool it is that I've lived forever. How was your New Year's Eve?

I rather liked mine. I went to FirstNight Boston. Which is, um, in Boston. Yeah. I walked in the parade. Actually, stiltwalked, with my circus school. Fairly amazing, considering there were about 100 thousand people, at least, watching me and cheering me on. I guess that was what it feels like to be a celebrity.

Then I sat on a police car. Like, on top of the car. Ever done that? I thought not. I imagine it would be hard to get to if you didn't have five-foot legs. Sure, they yelled at us and stuff, but it was cool while it lasted. I can cross that off my bucket list.

Snippet of my Bucket List
76. Climb Bamboo Trees in China
77. Learn to juggle
78. Sit on top of a police car
79. Go out for movies and Chinese food on Christmas Day

After that awesomeness, I nearly starved to death waiting 45 minutes to eat at Uno's.
I don't really mind, though. Have you tasted the crust of their deep-dish pizza? *drools* That stuff is to die for.

Then, I went home. I watched Get Smart until 1 in the morning. When midnight came, I paused the movie, jumped on the sofa for a minute, then sat back down and continued watching.

How about you guys?


  1. Yay for stilts! :P

    Haha, that picture made me laugh. ;) I'm glad to hear you enjoyed New Year. Most of the other people whose comments I listened/read were just complaining about their last year and saying stuff like, "This new year doesn't sound much better. 2011 = boring".

    My New Year's Eve was spent much more quietly in my church, listening to a sermon and staying up till 12, and stuffing myself with far more food than I should have eaten...and other random things. :) It doesn't sound as interesting as sitting atop a police car, but it was still fun, in its way.

  2. I always enjoy stuffing myself with food. Isn't that the point of holidays?? :)

    It sounds like you had a good time. I love New Year's because...ya know, its an excuse to celebrate and scream loudly at midnight and everything. Always a good time.


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