Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I would tell you I'm a ninja, but ninjas never tell you they are ninjas. It's part of their ninja-ness. So I'm NOT a ninja

Nope.  I am clearly not a ninja at all.  In the slightest.  Everyone knows that ninjas never say they are ninjas.  IF you say you are a ninja, it means you are really not a ninja.  Because ninjas will never reveal their identity.

That's why I'm totally NOT a ninja.

But I acted like one this weekend.  Long Island, New York, to visit family over Memorial Day weekend.

First, came the epic games of Ninja.  You know, the game.  The one that you play.  Yeah, that one.  My brother and I played it.  First, we played in the front yard.  He beat me in like five seconds.
But we kept playing and after like half an hour, I finally killed one of his hands!
And then while I was rejoicing and celebrating he beat me.

Did I mention my brother is strong, like strong?  As in, he takes pride in the fact that if you try to punch him (which I do.  I'm not mean, I just see a lot of Volkswagon Buggies), it will guaranteed hurt you more than it hurts him.  Which can be annoying sometimes.

But Ninja on the ground was too boring.  Blah.  So we took it a step up and went to the local park, which they have all around in dense suburbia.

Speaking of suburbia, awesome APUSH quote today:
"How do you expect me to draw white suburbia?" - Claudia
Basically, we were designing an emblem for our presidential candidate and tried to...never mind.  Ignore me.

Anyway, we went to the playground.  First, I got to learn Parkour!  Which is basically learning how to climb and jump on things and it looks cool.  Watch this video to see cool people do it a hell of a lot better than I will ever be able to, ever.

Then, we played Ninja.  Not normal Ninja.  High-stakes Ninja atop the monkey bars.  See diagram.
It was difficult, but I did not fall.  I lost many many times, but i survived with all appendages intact.  I even won a few times!  Happy day.

Finally, we also did circus in the park.  On Long Island, the parks become the nighttime teenage hangout.  My brother contact juggled, and I would like you to his awesome YouTube videos, but the whole Internet safety things and blah.  And I normal juggled, which I can't do very well but I am trying to learn.  We also did some partner acro stuff, which is basically when I get to climb around on him and look pretty.

We attracted the attention of a gaggle of teenage girls, who came over and started swooning over my brother as soon as they had established I was his sister and not his girlfriend.  It was actually highly amusing, because he had no interest in them other than he liked the attention.  It was, again, very hilarious.

Anything else?  Oh yes, Happy late Memorial Day.  I honor all the veterans and members of the armed forces.  *Salute*

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