Monday, June 6, 2011


 Today, my friends, we bring a very controversial topic to the table.  Before we begin the pleasant conversation/discussion/debate/war/total annihilation of anyone who disagrees with you (that was the progression of most in-class debates I have in school), let's lay some ground rules.
  1. No throwing spoons at people.
  2. Keep your voice level between that of a platypus at lunchtime and typewriter at 49.8 wpm.
  3. No sic-ing dinosaurs on anyone.
  4. Anyone who mentions pea soup will be thrown out.
If you break any rules, I will sic my velociraptor on you.  And no, I am not breaking Rule #3, because I made the rules, so I'm allowed to break them.  If you have a problem with that, let me know the time, place, and weapon and we'll discuss the matter reasonably.

So...the topic of today's debate is:
It sums up all the awesome things about life.  Well, except wizards and Darren Criss and dinosaurs.  And whipped cream and loam.  But close enough, okay? 
It also sums up the controversies of life.  Obviously, are you Team Ninja or Team Pirate?

Team Ninja has katanas, night vision, death gazes of death, ninja stars (see diagram, left hand), and awesomeness.
Team Pirate has Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook (see diagram, right hand), swords, cannons, eyepatches, and awesomeness.

And then, of course, there's robots and zombies.  The Roboters believe that the world will end when the robots gain sentience and will destroy us all.  The Zombiers believe that the world will end when the zombies come back to life and destroy us all.

Of course, there are other opinions.  There are the Mayaners, whose Bible is the movie 2012.  Also, the Obesitiers, who believe childhood obesity will eat us all from the inside out.  And the Staplers, who plan to destroy the world with a staple gun.  There are so many opinions on how the world will end.

Is it strange that there is no one out there predicting how the world will NOT end???


  1. I believe that the world will end after an attack by a demonic frog. His name is Larry.

    I love your little commenting poem.

    Cool blog. I found you by stalki-- erm, *looking* at the comments on Megan Squared.

  2. OMG you're funny! I love stumbling upon a blog that makes me laugh out loud!

  3. Team Pirate; I feel I've spent waaay too much time nitpicking the PoTC universe not to at least be an honorary member of Team Pirate.

    And the world will most definitely face a zompocalypse. How do I know? Because the most reliable of all sources (internet or otherwise) told me so:

  4. @Rachel - yes, is very reliable. America's humor site since 1958?


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