Friday, January 27, 2012

The State of the Blog

Since my title is sort of a reference to the State of the Union address, here's a random tidbit - do you know state governor also make an address, called "State of the State" addresses?  Is that not hilarious?

No?  Just me?  Darn.

In other news, I'm sure you noticed that my background is like, whoa!  OH MY ROWLING WHAT DID SHE DO?  What is wrong with your background??  It's not right.

Basically, I've been playing around with new backgrounds recently, because I felt like the old one was too busy and distracting from other, more important things, like my hilarious jokes.

Did I ever tell you guys the Heisenberg/Schrodinger joke?

So Heisenberg is driving in the car, with Schrodinger in the passenger seat.  They get pulled over by a cop.
"Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"  The cop asks.
"No," replies Heisenberg, "but I can tell you where I was!"

So the police officer takes that as a suspicious comment and searches the car.  In the trunk, he finds a dead cat in a box.
"Sir, did you know you have a dead cat in your trunk?"  The cop asks, bewildered.
"Well,"  says Schrodinger, "I do now."

So, what was I talking about?  Oh yes, backgrounds.  It was distracting from my wonderful jokes.  So I changed it to this lovely thing with lots of awesome nerdy pictures.  However, I suck and all the pictures were blurry and pixely and it looked very un-lovely.  So I've been playing around, and this green boring thing that you see on your screen before you is the result.

Clearly, I'm not very good at this.  I'd love some suggestions on what backgrounds are good and which ones suck and all that.  Also, let me know your preference, because I have no idea what you peeps like.  I'm an awesome person, not a mind reader, okay?

So, yeah.  Leave a comment and let me know.  Or answer the survey, I guess, but it's not as cool, because it's anonymous, and then I can't go and crush anyone who criticizes me.

Kidding!  I love criticism.  Seriously, please tell me what you think, honestly.  I'm lost here.

Best wishes, peeps.
(I need a better name for you guys than "peeps."  Must deliberate.  Farewell.)


  1. I love the Heisenberg Schrodinger joke :D
    Except that Heisenberg should say "I knew *exactly* where it was." Pedantic Gabi is Pedantic.

    In terms of the background, I see a hospital green solid background right now. ;P

    1.'s boring green. Is this bad? I like green, but I don't know. I need help here!

      As for Heisenberg, perhaps my Heisenberg is less precise than the one you know. (There could be more than one Heisenberg, for all we know)

    2. Meh...I had a great psychology joke and I can't remember it.

  2. I've heard the Schrodinger-Heisenberg joke chemistry class, when we were learning about Heisenberg and Schrodinger. :)
    And, the background now is sorta boring. PICTURES ARE FUN.

  3. I'm stealing that joke and using it in the future if you don't mind. :P

  4. Ooooh. You changed your background! What made you do it? And yes, it' too plain. I'd help you choose one.. but my designing skills are crap.


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