Friday, February 3, 2012

I don't generally like concerts

They're too loud, and the music doesn't sound as good.  Mostly though, with music, I generally like a couple songs from a band, but not enough to warrant going to the concert.  Why sit through music you don't care for just for those few songs you like?

So, there are only a few bands that I would actually want to go to a concert for.  I would go see Rise Against, Matt & Kim, and the Dropkick Murphys.  I mean, there are a few others, like Queen (I'm seeing a cover band of them soon!) but it's not quite right without Freddie Mercury.

So, all three of them have been on tour recently, and for all three, I found out about the concert in Boston the day after the concert occurred.

Which is why I stand before you today, concert-less.  This sucks.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks that Defunct Pasta would be a great name for a band?  I kind of wish I had some inkling of musical talent, so I could form a band with a cool name.

Background still undecided.  Sorry.


  1. Defunct Pasta is great! XD I've also had a longstanding fondness for the words "Fushia Kiwi." :)

  2. Family Force 5 is the best live band EVER. Just gonna say.

  3. I only go to concerts for artists where I know most of the songs. Depends where you go as well, I've been to gigs with amazing sound quality even if it was loud.

    Maybe...maybe you're just getting old :o

  4. I like going to concerts because of the atmosphere. It's more fun! And Defunct Pasta is wizard.
    My favorite band name (that I made up) is Dreaded Wench Syndrome. For an all girl band, how awesome does that sound?

  5. Hmm, Defunct Pasta? Maybe...and bands don't die, they just change out performers. ;)


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