Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So, we had some snow...

You know what the Nazca lines are?  They're these huge giant lines in the middle of Peru.  On the ground, they look something like this:

Not very impressive, right?  Just some dusty lines in the sand.  Well, these lines go on for miles and miles, and when you fly over them and look from above, they look like this:

Crazy, huh?  They were somehow made before the people were actually able to look at them, and make sure they looked right.  Impressive.

So anyways, my sister and I decided to make our own, reduced-size version of the Nazca lines in the snow.  Here's what we ended up with:
It doesn't look quite right because the photo is taken from our second-story bathroom.  We couldn't convince our mom to let us rent a helicopter to fly directly over it and take a proper picture.

I wonder if it can be seen by people in airplanes.  That would be SO COOL.


  1. I hope it can be seen by helicopters. That would be cool. Though it's cool that you did it anyway.

  2. How'd you get rid of your footprints? You see, I've never experienced snow so I have no idea if you sink 10 meters or if you freeze your foot when you step in it.

  3. We leapt from the pool to the thingy so that we wouldn't leave any footprints


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