Monday, January 9, 2012

Making my very own hipster photos

I wanted to try it's what I came up with.

1) Start with a crappy picture of a person in a random pose.  (Yes, I took that...a while ago)

2) Now, first I opened it up in the Microsoft equivalent of Photoshop.  Crank up the contrast and down the brightness.

3) Already looking pretty hipster, isn't it?  Next, I blurred the whole thing a bit.

4) Now, I scrolled through the filters until I found one that made it look old and stuff.  Choose your own and apply.

5) Not done yet!  Next, Rotate and crop the image to make it artsy.

6) Note the artsy tilt of the horizon.  Finally, our final step is to add an angsty, nonsensical statement about the meaning of life or lost love in white helvetica text.  I didn't have helvetica (gasp!) so I used the most hipsterish font I could find.

And you're done!  Are you proud?  Now post it on your tumblr and be proud of your obscure photography style.  You are so not mainstream.


  1. You didn't use a sans serif font. If you're not going to use Helvetica, use a sans serif font for all that is hipstery!
    I'm just kidding :P
    It's an excellent lesson :D

  2. Wait wait wait wait they actually put effort into this stuff?

  3. I love using my blur effects as well:)

    WHAT'S THE MICROSOFT EQUIVALENT OF PHOTOSHOP? People desire to know this. Namely me.

  5. Haha! That's how it's done! The Microsoft version of photoshop is picture editor or something… I think :/

  6. "I can't find you" :)) I love how it has no connection to the photo. Now I wish I had tumblr :/

  7. The program I use is called Microsoft Digital Image Pro, for those who asked.

    And I apologize for my heinious use of a serif font.

  8. GIMP also works as a photoshop substitute, no?
    *is totally not a creeper*


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