Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Am SO Making an Amusement Park called "Seven Flags"

You know how Six Flag's motto is "More Flags, More Fun"?  Well, I'll make my amusement park called Seven Flags, and our motto will be "Yes, more flags ARE more fun. HA!"

I crack myself up sometimes.  I don't know if I crack anyone else up, but at least I'm having fun here.

So, in case you couldn't tell, I went to Six Flags (of the New England variety).  For my Sweet 16, which was actually a few months ago.  It got rained out.  So we went and had a blast.

My favorite ride was...drumroll....for once, not the biggest, coolest roller coaster.  Because I've been on far better coasters than those at Six Flags.  Great.  Now I'm a roller coaster snob.

It was the.....TEACUPS!  And no, they are so not lame.  When you spin them so fast that the centrifugal force barely lets you lean inward, and your arms start feeling like they'll fly off, it can get INTENSE.
Other great parts were when we went on this thing called the Buzzsaw.  It looked like this:

And it goes in circles.  It's not very exciting except it give you whiplash in your neck.  However, we felt the need to scream the entire time.  And scream we did.  I feel bad for the other passengers.  But we made friends.  There were these little girls who rode it the whole time we did.  We didn't know their names so we just called them, "Hi, friends!"  I think we probably terrified them.

Finally, we skipped in circles while holding hands when we were about to leave.  Some guy asked if he could join us.  It cracked me up.


  1. The teacups are way too intense for me. I can't deal with the spinning. I bow to your superior roller-coastering.

  2. I'm going to be the creepy creeper and ask if you live in New England, because I KNOW the Buzzsaw! My school band goes to six flags every year. So I know these things. I'm creepy. I'm stopping. Happy belated birthday!

  3. I personally HATE rollercoasters. I'm a wuss. And I think you are very brave. :)
    Screaming makes anything fun.

  4. Yep, I am a pure New Englander. And I love rollercoasters, and yes, screaming makes EVERYTHING way awesomer


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