Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eveyrday Exercises

Here are some day-to-day stretches and conditioning exercises you can work into your daily routine.  You probably do most of them already anyways, so why not count it as exercise? "Don't worry, Mom, I can play video games today, I already exercised!"

The Cell Service Shoulder/Arm Exercise
Difficulty: Easy
Details: Whenever you need that pesky extra bar of service for your text to send, just raise your arm above your head for a stretch and better access to cell towers!  Alternate arms for even exercise.

The Paint-Your-Toenails Back Stretch
Difficulty: Medium
Details: Want an extra challenge while painting your toenails?  Keep your legs straight and stretch your back while at the same time adding some extra color to your feet?  If it hurts, that's good.  Remember, beauty is pain.

The Get-Off-My-Lawn Fist Shake
Difficulty: Easy
Details: You know how old people always get mad at the kids who trespass on their lawn?  Well, get your practice in early by doing this fist-shake exercise.  Vigorously shake your entire arm up and down whilst yelling obscenities and threats.  Switch arms.

The Messy-Room Obstacle Course
Difficulty: Easy to very hard, depending on how messy your room is.
Details: Open your door and get to your bed, without stepping on any of the multitudes of stuff on the floor. Can often be a very difficult feat.  Rearrange the mess to make it easier or more difficult as desired.

The Babysitting Weightlifting Exercise
Difficulty: Depends on how old + fat the kids are
Details: Crying babies?  Just hold 'em in the air above your head until they shut up.  Not just an easy problem-solving method but it strengthens your arms as well.  Just don't drop them.  Though that would make them stop crying too, I suppose.  Duct tape is good too, but it doesn't give you any exercise.

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