Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is Mainely about ME (both puns are intended)

I think that my excursion to Acadia National Park (in Maine) can be summarized by my Facebook status:

"Carefully scheduled our vacation. I also made sure to schedule time to be spontaneous."

My parents say I'm a control freak, but I've been trying to be more spontaneous lately, and this is a start, right?  I hope so.  My parents frequently deviated from my schedule, which made me unhappy, which is probably a bad sign (no pun intended), because soon I'll end up like one of those people who write to-do lists that look something like:


  1. Hear alarm go off
  2. Wake up
  3. Turn off alarm clock
  4. Sit up
  5. Get out of bed
  6. Walk to bathroom
  7. Put in contacts
  8. .....And so on
But anyways, my vacation was fun regardless.  It involved a lot of "light"* hiking and biking, and LOTS of rock climbing, which I'll get to in a second.

*On an island that is like a perpetual uphill, "hiking" is similar to skiing in Canada.  A black diamond on a mountain like Mt. Wachusett (teensy ski area in central MA) is the difficulty equivalent of a green circle on most Canadian mountains.  So Acadia trails are classified as "easy" or "moderate" but what they mean is "hard" and "intense".  And we hiked two, that, in Acadia-lingo, were classified as "strenuous".  I think that means "I hope you arranged for a helicopter to pick up your remains" in normal English.

The rock climbing was awesome (no pun intended).  All sorts of cliff faces everywhere to climb on.  We hiked the Precipice Trail, classified as the most difficult trail in the park, and its basically almost a mile up a sheer cliff face.  No climbing gear necessary, they have iron handholds and ladders in place.  It was ridiculous, but it offered plenty of opportunities to sing "Edge of Glory".

I also found a starfish the size of my head, a store that sells license plates (I decided one day when I actually have money I'll start a license plate collection) and ate the best popovers in existence.

This post has no picture.  Start complaining in the comments if you want more pictures because I'm starting to get lazy, but if you want 'em I'll supply 'em.  Or check the poll.

P.S. I feel like I should do one of these Blogger polls that are circulating around.  But I'm horrible at them because I always end up lying to make myself sound more awesome.  ("Greatest fear?"  Why, the zombie apocalypse, of course!)  Like those Facebook iPod things where you set it on shuffle and your answers are song titles?  I just cheated and put in the titles that answer the questions in the funniest manner.  This is a problem...


  1. Holla!=D
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  2. Your vacation at Acadia National Park sounds like fun! :)

  3. MOAR PICTURES. Please.


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