Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Driver's Ed - Legal Waterboarding

I don't actually really know what waterboarding is, but I do believe it's illegal.  And a form of torture.  Driver's Ed is similar to waterboarding in that in waterboarding, water gets poured on your face to make you think you're drowning.  In Driver's Ed, you wish there was water being poured on your face because it might help you stay awake.
Okay, I'm sorry.  I've clearly been extremely insensitive by comparing Driver's Ed to torture.  Look at me, the worst part of my life is that I have to spend 30 hours of my school vacation week in a tiny classroom with 40 teens who I don't know and some of them smell like smoke, listening to Mr. Monotone drone on about car insurance.
Okay, it's not fun.  But I'd rather be there than be waterboarded.  Happy?

But it's not so bad, because I'm able to plan other things during class.  Like think up some sort of business plan for a scholarship due in 10 days.  Or catch up on APUSH reading.  Or watch everyone around me texting.

The most fun part, I think, was today, when I was taking notes on what Mr. Monotone was saying about hydroplaning.  The girl next to me was texting, and copying my notes.  She didn't know I knew, until I took some more notes, except these said "I know you're reading my notes." with a sketchy smiley face.  She didn't copy again.  It was highly amusing.

By the way, I'm not calling the teacher Mr. Monotone to be mean.  It's just what I decided to refer to him as, considering he hasn't actually told us his name.  No joke.

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