Friday, April 15, 2011

Day of Silence

Today is Day of Silence.  I'm not certain what it exactly represents, but it's for gay awareness.  At our school, the GSA handed out ribbons.
Black - No talking until you get home
Purple - No talking until final bell
White -  I have to talk, but I support the cause

I was a wimp, I took white.  I did purple last year, but I had double APUSH today, and since last week my teacher flipped out saying that we weren't discussing enough and letting just a few kids lead the discussions, I've been trying to contribute as much as possible.  I totally would have gone with purple or black if it wasn't for history.  Stupid APUSH.

Speaking of which, that's why I'm so stressed right now.  The AP exam is in three freaking weeks.  That's it.  We got study guides toady.  Some kids wrote "Holy Bible" on theirs because it'll be their sacred book for the next 3 weeks.  I wrote "The Cause of my Premature Death" on mine.  I'll assume you can figure out why.

I drew a picture to illustrate the concept of me dying from history.  But the drawing sucked (more than usual) and it was depressing to draw my own funeral.  It's all history's fault.

I told my friend that if I die, its her duty as my best friend to sue my teacher for manslaughter or whatever you call it, because clearly he is a cause of my demise.  She didn't respond, because she was wearing a purple ribbon.

Okay, I just noticed I tagged this post as "Things I hate".  I was referring to APUSH.  I was just re-reading it and realized it might sound like I hate the Day of Silence.  Not true.  I totally support gay rights, don't get me wrong.  Sorry about any confusions.

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