Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Of Life's Mysteries: Solved!

I am here to take a large load off your shoulders.

*takes load off of your shoulders*

There, that feels better, doesn't it? Hey...why do I have your backpack?? I was talking about a  figurative load; I don't want this...

In case you were wondering, the figurative load that you have just been relieved of is one that has been haunting you since childhood. An impossible question, suddenly made possible by yours truly.

Tell me, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Actually, to scholars of history, this is quite a simple question. Straightforward. At least, compared to the "Assess whether the Panic of 1837 was Andrew Jackson's lasting legacy as president of the USA" question that I got on my recent APUSH test. At lease the question I just posed to you does not contain the words "assess", "analyze", "evaluate", "to what extent", or something similar.

Got the answer yet? I promise you there is one. And it's not tricky either. It is one of the two options in the question. No hidden strings.

My favorite part of this picture is are the crowd silhouettes. I was quite proud of them.
Stuck? Okay, the answer is....*drumroll*....the egg.

I could just end the post right here, you know. That would be cruel of me, but funny. I'd leave you lost in a forest of confusion, wandering around bumping into trees thinking "Why is it the egg? WHY?"

Because, my friends, dinosaur eggs were around far before chickens.

Life's mystery: solved! Cross that one off your bucket list!

Snippet of my Bucket List
42. Solve a Rubik's Cube
43. Figure out that stupid question about chickens and eggs
44. Blow up a marshmallow in the microwave
45. Ride a cow

Some people have argued that I'm slipping through loopholes, and the real question means chicken eggs. In that case, it was obviously the chicken that came first. Chicken dinosaurs* were around waaaayy before chicken eggs.

*Chicken Dinosaur [chik-un di-noe-sawr] n. A dinosaur that is a chicken, or a scared, cowardly dinosaur. (ex. When danger reared its ugly head, the chicken dinosaur turned and fled.)


  1. In thanks for solving this, I can help you out with number 42 on your list! Borders has a DVD that's really helpful and awesome.

  2. @ Autumn: seriously?? now? u r wird....not the good type!
    no offence meant.... ;)


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