Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate the Interweb

My plan:
  1. Go on computer
  2. Go to school webpage
  3. Find guidance counselor e-mail address
  4. E-mail guidance couselor about schedule changes
  5. Get off computer, do homework
What actually happened:
  1. Go on computer
  2. Go to school webpage
  3. Open Gmail and Facebook while school webpage is loading
  4. Check notifications, read new e-mails
  5. Start G-chatting with friend
  6. Get annoyed I can't find my guidance counselor's e-mail address
  7. Check SparkLife and xkcd to relieve tension
  8. Remember I haven't checked my awesome blog in a few days
  9. Notice the tempting StumbleUpon link on my bookmarks
  10. I can't believe I just wasted an hour stumbling
  11. Go back to school webpage to feign doing work
  12. Hey - it's actually right here! The e-mail address!
  13. Compose e-mail to counselor
  14. Start another G-chat while on Gmail
  15. Father threatens to cut internet connection
I swear I'm not addicted. I'm just...distracted easily.

But there is one good thing that came out of it. As a gift to all you excellent readers out there, here are two excellent photos and such that I discovered whilst Stumbling.

It happened again, but here are two more lovely picture for ya.

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