Thursday, March 29, 2012

This has been bothering me for a while

Sorry to post yet another post about The Hunger Games, but I really need your input on this.  It's been bugging me.

So there are 24 kids in the Games, right?  12 girls, 12 boys.

12 girls.

If we say that your period lasts an average of five days, and there are 30 days in a month, that should mean that, at any given time, at least two of the female tributes should be on their period.


How the Capitol handle this?  Are there some boxes of Tampax hidden in the Cornucopia?  It wouldn't make sense if they girls' uniforms were made differently from the boys' to account for this, because then they might have an advantage in some way.  Are tributes responsible for bringing their own stuff?  So does this mean that any girl who'll be on her period during the Games would have to bring some tampons as their district token?  Cuz that would kind of suck.

Plus, it would give them a disadvantage in the games.  Do you really think a girl who's curled up with cramps is ready to fight to the death with some male tributes who don't need to worry about it?  Or what if there was water with sharks in it, and they smelled the blood?

Maybe the Capitol messes with their bodies so that they just don't have periods.  Wouldn't that make all the girls unable to have children?

I'm trying to remember if any of the female victors that we meet end up having kids.  Oh yeah!  **SPOILER ALERT** Katniss had kids!  **END SPOILER ALERT**

Clearly, that's incorrect then.  Besides, that would be unfair to the girls.  If they messed with the girls' bodies so they couldn't reproduce, they would have to cut off all the guys' balls or something, just to make it fair.  And Finnick makes it clear that this is not the case.

Anyone have any ideas on how this works?  Maybe I'm just reading into it way too much, but I've been wondering about this, and I'm stumped.


  1. I think it's because they were all malnourished. So they probably got their periods late. If they did have their periods then they would be very light. Unaccustomed-to physical activity messes up period cycles.

    ^Yes, I've thought about this before.

  2. Gabi that would make sense for some districs only. Not all the districts are really poor like District 12. I think they'd either do it around the girls' periods or if one has thiers, they secretly pick someone to take her place.

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  3. That actually makes a lot of sense

  4. That does make a lot of sense :)

    I'm still yet to read the books and watch the movie, so thanks for the spoiler. I started a page of my friends copy of the book and I really liked it. The whole killing thing reminds me of Battle Royale, this Japanese movie from the 90s where all of the kids are chosen to kill eachother. It's quite good but don't watch the sequel becase it's awful.

  5. Bio college student here ^.^

    It would be easy to prevent the girls from having periods, there are actually a number of modern birth control pills that are widely used by women that prevent menstruation of any kind. If the Capitol mixed this in with the food and water of the girls when they arrived, they would all be well off of their periods permanently by the time they were actually released into the arena.

    Aimee, you're probably going to be disappointed when you read it; Battle Royale did the whole thing a lot better, you may think of The Hunger Games as Battle Royale combined with Twilight. In my opinion.

  6. As a dude, my reaction through this whole thing:


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