Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm REALLY bad at days of the week

This week has been a mess.  I thought it was Friday this morning, probably because I forgot to turn off my alarm.  So, bright and early at 5:55 AM on a Saturday morning, I wake to that lovely noise.

It was a fantastic start to the weekend.  Not.

The point of that was to say, I'm sorry.  But it's okay to post this on Saturday, because my head is screwy anyways.  I liked the idea of it.

So here, you go.  This is the Friday 56 (on a Saturday)!
Hosted by Freda's Voice
- Grab a book, any book
- Turn to page 56
- Find any sentence that's interesting
- Post it
- Add link of Freda's site

"Another time, on the country estate of Monserrate in Santa Fe de Bogota, he woke up screaming because he dreamed that while they were having lunch together, General Santander plucked out his own eyeballs because they interfered with his eating and placed them on the table."
-- The General in His Labyrinth
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

That's certainly interesting, especially taken out of context.  I haven't finished this book yet, but it's quite good.  It's about the South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar, which is funny because I have to play him in a AP World History presentation next week.

I like this.  I try to do it every Friday.  Though in that regard, I'm not off to a great start.


  1. That is quite an interesting line. I get the days of the week mixed up a lot too really.

  2. "She looked like a thousand years of misery."
    -Exodus 1947, Ruth Gruber

    That was mine. It's about a boat of refugees from Europe getting to the newly formed state of Israel.

  3. That would probably have me screaming too! Ew.

  4. I just opened Ficciones by Borges and page 56 was blank. Figures. Then I picked up The Waste Land and Other Poems by Eliot and page 56 was equally blank. So then I opened The Heights of Macchu Picchu by Neruda. My sentence was, "La pobre mano, el pie, la pobre vida...Los días de la luz deshilachada en ti, como la lluvia sobre las banderillas de la fiesta, dieron pétalo a pétalo de su alimiento oscuro en la boca vacía?"


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