Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Better late than never, right?

Today is February 7.

Five days ago, I meant write a lovely rant about Groundhog Day.  Well, you're about to be subject to said rant, because instead of the five-second rule, I follow the five-day rule.  Groundhog Day is still fair game.

Speaking of fair game, it's not like you would prefer me to write about the Super Bowl, right?  *cue groans and screams of agony*


After that introduction, I'm worried that my lovely rant cannot live up to such high expectations.  You're thinking that this rant had better be INCREDIBLE to be worth posting five days late.

It isn't incredible.  It's average.  Mediocre.  Practically incoherent.

I just realized this whole post is a big fat wad of disappointment waiting to happen.


Even disappointment can be a good present if it looks nice.  I shall wrap this disappointment in shiny wrapping paper, with glitter, and all will be right in the world.

How shall I accomplish this?  Friends, allow me to present: The Illustrated Rant - Groundhog Day Edition


  1. I've always wondered that too! It seems totally backwards, as if we assume that nature just wants to mess with the poor Groundhog's little brain. :(

    "Mwahahaha so you see SUN do you, Phil? Are you excited! Are you anxious for food to grow and air to warm up? You are?

    "Well TOO BAD, SUCKER."

  2. My brother shares the same birthday with Phil

  3. Amazing. I love the last picture with all the little Phils just floating around lol. I agree by the way.


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