Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ick, I'm Sick

I'm sick. I hate it.
I'm a really weird person. You watch movies like Ferris Bueller and that's the norm, isn't it? Kids hold the thermometer up to light bulbs to raise their temperatures, so they can skip school.

If my mom wasn't watching me the entire time, I would hold my thermometer up to an ice cube.

Mom: "Your temperature is... 85 degrees? Either you have pneumonia or you cheated."

I just can't stand missing school. Yes, I'm such a nerd. But really. I hate doing stuff like make-up work. Having to stay after to take tests that I missed. Yucky stuff.
So, unlike Ferris, I try to convince my parents that I am completely well enough to go to school.

Usually I fail.

I hate being a lazy lump. Yesterday I missed school, circus class, and math team. Instead, I watched Kung Fu Panda. You're all probably jealous. I was miserable.

The only good side to all this is that at least I can sleep in. I only just woke up.


  1. Ooh, so /this/ is the wonderful Sparkler flyergirl's blog! :D I've just found out it existed...*dances*

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. :/ I'm kind of jealous, though - not that you're seeing movies about a panda :P but because you're actually able to enjoy studying so much as to be unhappy without it. It's, though it might seem to double your suffering at times like these. :P Anyway, I hope you get better soon!

  2. Oh hi! Thanks for the get-well, I'm better now! *happy dance* glad you like my blog :)


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