Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well, I Am Speechless

It's a good thing I'm not actually talking to you in person. Because I wouldn't be able to form a intelligible sentence. I think I've been hit with Mad-Eye Moody's Tongue-Tying Curse (I'm not Snape! It wasn't me who killed you, Dumbledore!)

I'm dumbfounded.

Harry Potter 7 (Part 1, I'm not that awesome that I get to see Part 2) was incredible. Phenomenal. I liked 1-3, strongly disliked 4 and 5, thought 6 was okay, but this. Was. Amazing.
I didn't think the director had it in him. I guess I was proved wrong.
-Twenty seconds in, I was ready to cry when Hermione mind-erases her parents. You know, when she disappears from all the pictures and stuff. Soo sad!
-I didn't really feel anything when Mad-Eye died. They didn't do very well with that. I was like, "Oh. Okay, whatever." It wasn't that important.
-Kreacher and Dobby looked a lot more animated-y in this movie. I didn't like it as much, but Dobby was hilarious! "Dobby was not trying to kill Miss Bellatrix, Dobby was only wanting to maim or seriously injure." I may have butchered it a bit, but you get the idea. I was so sad when SPOILER *whispers* Dobby dies! It was the worst part of the book, and the movie. (Worst as in saddest, not bad).
-What's with Harry taking off his shirt? Taking a leaf out of Twlight's book? (yuck). Harry is not particulary hot and he looks so old and weird without a shirt and/or glasses.
-The scene with Harry and Hermione in the Horcrux was, well, um, awkward *awkward turtle*
-So was the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing. WTH?
-The animation for the tail of the three brothers was really cool
-I thought it was interesting that they skipped the swear. In the beginning, when Hermione is showing off her Extended bag, she shakes it, peers inside, and says, "Oh, damn, that'll be be the books," In the movie, she just says, "Ah, that'll  be the books," Not necessarily a complaint, just an interesting thing to point out.
-Great suspense. I was so into it, I forgot it was two parts and after Voldy takes the wand, it cuts straight to credits and I'm just sitting there like, what happened to the movie?
-The scene in the Ministry where Ron is other guy and forgets who he is: " wife is being interrogated!" *pause* "Ron, you don't have a wife,"
-Also, when Ron kisses his 'wife' and the real one walks in? Great!
-Overall score: 6.72983 Horcruxes out of 7!

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