Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey guys, I'm still alive

Yeah, the hurricane blew the roof off my house, and now I'm drifting down Main Street on a salvaged car bumper, typing this on a internet-enabled microwave.

Actually, I'm sitting in my brightly lit bedroom, having just watched the first episode of Sherlock (which I finally have time to watch).  It's pretty much stopped raining, and I still don't have school tomorrow.  Whyyyyyyy?

I've been watching people look live-blog the storm, seen horrible reports, the whole deal. The most exciting thing here? Well, at one point, the wind blew pretty loudly, and I couldn't hear Benedict Cumberbatch's witty remark.

Today, I read two chapters in my AP Physics textbook for fun (because we won't cover them in class). I guess I'll do the problems tomorrow.

In case you couldn't tell, this has been a disappointing hurricane on my end.

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  1. I'm slightly disappointed myself.. I thought surely I would wake up and have the neighborhood would be swimming with trees, but no.... it looks like another fall day around here too. Boo on Sandy! She wasn't so scary after all.


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