Friday, May 25, 2012

Ferdinand has a message for y'all

I'm sorry, people.

Yeah, it's been like a month since I last posted.  Do I feel bad?

...well, a little bit.  But it's been busy, I swear!  I mean, in the time I've been gone:

  • AP Psychology Exam
  • AP World History Exam
  • Prom
  • Prom #2 (at my date's school)
  • "Saving the world" end-of-year history project (in which my group is focusing on micronutrient biofortification, mostly because I love saying all those syllables)
  • And other things.  Like, you know, living!  Be proud of me, I have a life!
Yeah, as you can see, I really honestly could have posted.  But I didn't.  In apology, I will give you this picture of a....thing.  I honestly don't know what it is; I just know that it's carrying a pink sparkly magic wand.  I'm going to call it Ferdinand.
Please enjoy casting your eyes upon Ferdinand in all his splendor.  I wonder why he has a pink sparkly magic wand?  That, my friends, is an answer you will only discover if you forgive me for not having posted in, like, eons.

I won't make excuses.  I'm just here to apologize, and I'll try to post something decent in the near future.  Until then....Ferdinand has a little something for you:


  1. I like Ferdinand. He looks awesome. All is forgiven. Well done on getting through those exams and saving the world.


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