Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not Irish, but you can kiss me anyway


But yes, today is the excellent day devoted to St. Patty.  He is Irish.  And a saint.  And likes the color green.  And that's about all I know.

Actually, I don't know much about the Irish in general either....I will list all the facts I know about the Irish.  Here:
  • They like the color green
  • They are short and have red beards, and give away gold at the ends of rainbows
  • They once had a notable lack of potatoes
  • They like beer
  • They dislike the Brits
  • They have a Boston basketball team named after them
Any Irish readers out there, I wouldn't mind a couple Irish facts to add to my collection!
Today is the day to honor the Irish.  We all wear green.  We might do other things too, but I don't know what they are.  I'm not Irish, remember?  I just used toady as an excuse to wear my fantastic bright neon green tank top.  And some green bead necklaces that I borrowed from my friend.
Other than that, I can't recall anything that made today very Irish-y.  What a ripoff.

P.S.  To see an amazing, beautiful Venn Diagram depicting my feelings on this holiday click this link right here.
P.P.S.  On a very random note, I wonder who Mr. Venn is, the one who invented Venn Diagrams.  I'd like to meet him sometime, he seems like an interesting guy.

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  1. So, I realized that this is a little late, but I just saw your blog mentioned on Sparknotes today so... yeah.
    First of all, there was never a lack of potatoes. On the contrary, that's all there was. Everyone had to eat potatoes all the time. That's why Ireland is known for it's potatoes. Secondly, St. Patrick is a saint because he killed all the snakes in the whole entire country. Don't ask me why he did that, all I know is that there are no snakes in Ireland because of St. Patrick. Oh, and I am neither short or a red head. Not everyone on the country is soulless! (Just kidding! I know many red heads and they most definately have souls) ;)


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