Monday, February 28, 2011

February Break has come to a close

February break is over and done with.  Blech.  I need more sleep.
Okay, you guys deserve a coherent post, even if I am very sleep-deprived.  I think it has something to do with being on a midnight to 10 sleep schedule and suddenly being forced to wake up at 6.
In addition, I would like to apologize for not posting over break.  You people deserve better.  Yes, I know, I had sooo much free time, I could have given you lots of the humorous awesomeness that you love (I hope).

But I didn't.

Why?  No idea.  But as an excuse, I will tell you that I was far too busy doing things to post.  This is an overview of my week, to prove I had absolutely no free time:

Saturday: Worked all day (I work at the library).
Sunday: Church.  Outline a chapter for APUSH (learn about the agricultural revolution of the late 1800s)
Monday: Outline another chapter (United States imperialism) and play Wii.
Tuesday: Dentist appointment.  Eye doctor appointment.  Outline another chapter (Progressivism)
Wednesday: Outline another chapter (President Wilson, start of WW1).  Play more Wii.  Brother comes home from college.
Thursday: Spend the day in Boston.  Hang out at Quincy Market, North End, all that fun stuff
Friday: Spend the day at my friend's house.  Meet her adorable puppy.  Film our video for French.  Lip-sync to Celine Dion.
Saturday: Take pictures for photography class.  Hang out.  Relax.
Sunday: Church.  Circus.  AUGH, end of vacation!!!

See?  I had absolutely no free time in which to grant you a post.  This is why this one is here.

The most interesting thing (besides Boston and friend's house) was my brother coming home from college.  He gave me some presents :)

The presents from my brother
1. All 52 episode of Magic School Bus, on DVD
2. An addiction to Minecraft
3. An introduction to Portal
4. Helpful hints while playing Portal
5. A bruise on my big toe
6. Course selection recommendations

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